New Artwork—

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After creating so many vector based images over the past few years I have really wanted to paint a painting like this one. Large multi coloured, allowing the paint to smear and layer. Letting the mark on the canvas be from my fingertips and brushes. Using and referring to the patterns and shapes that I love. 

I am pleased with this one the process is exhilarating. It makes me feel oh so happy.



The is a detail of the top left side of the painting.  


wide120cm x 60cm




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My Morning Ritual

Posted on November 26, 2015 | 1 comment

Waking up is so easy in Summer. This morning I saw the dawn crack in at just after 5am. I was surprised that the night was over so soon. It was so warm padding around the house. I sat on my couch and woke up. It was pleasant to watch the shadows fade. I enjoyed this time to think. 

I boiled the kettle and made a pot of vanilla tea —brewing it for 5 minutes. I added milk into my Marremeko cup, a cup with a water colour illustration on it. I find this such a beautiful cup.  I sipped the tea,  savouring every mouthful. I made a bowl of muesli natural with natural yogurt and ate that on the couch. With the family gathered around doing much the same.

Showered and I then got dressed— light summer clothes and Birkenstocks. I made my bed neatly maybe like a bed in a magazine. I do love my bed to look nice. Tidied the kitchen, cleaned my teeth. Routine.

Then we walked down to the beach for a swim, down the hill through the trees full of yellow flowers. The water was all shades of blue. People said good morning. Asked me how I was. The wind was from the west and so hot. For 40 minutes we basked in the beauty of the morning. Then hot we walked home. My daughter continued on her walk to school in her uniform, school bag full on her back. Once inside my little one fell asleep gratefully into her cot. 

By 8.30 I was sitting in my studio mixing ink in shades of pink and peach. Summer fruit colours. Painting and creating. My bliss.

This seems to be my Spring/Summer morning ritual. 



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Flurry Of Creativity

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I am having such a creative period in my life. It makes every moment so precious. I can't even sleep I am so excited to get into my studio and create. 

Here is what I created today. I am thinking about the harsh Australian dessert and the flooding rains that bring such life force, abundant flowers grow from seeds stored in the parched earth. I am layering the paintings with colours and patterns and various mediums. Playing layering adding and taking away.

It's a kind of alchemy seeing how the paint will preform. 



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Original Artwork

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I've been paining and loving it so much.

Creativity is the only unique contribution that we will make in this world.

Today I am sharing my soul with the world, in the form of my paintings. I'm feeling brave.

The inspiration for my painting draws from my love of nature. I have enjoyed being free to play with colours such as pink, purple and blue. Tulip shaped flowers formed by beautiful bamboo brushes come alive as fields of flowers in front of a pink mountain coloured like a wonderful sunrise. I've enjoyed encouraging the paint to drip freely as it creates layers of colours and shapes so that the work invites you further to explore.


Pink Mountain In Full Bloom

55cm x 55cm

SaffronCraig Original PaintingBlossoming Tulips Over The Blue Water

Blossoming Tulips Over The Blue Water 

55cm x 55cm 



Detail from Blossoming Tulips Over The Blue Water 



Blue Pools

110cm x 55cm




Maybe you would like one for yourself. If so I've loaded them up on my website. Here. 

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Shibori—Dyeing With Indigo

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Over the long weekend the we went down to the stunning South Coast of NSW. We stayed with my brother and his family for one night. Where we enjoyed tranquil walks on the beach, ate loads and relaxed. Then we stayed in Berry with friends. 

Sharon had an indigo dye bath on the go, she excitedly showed me what she has been dyeing. So beautiful!

As I had been wanted to dye with indigo for ages, I was thrilled to join in. We made up a second bath of indigo dye as well as reinvigorated the first bath—which worked well.

So I knotted, tied, pleated, folded, and wrapped fabric around cool branches and threw in some grass experimenting. I was excited to find out what I could achieve. We used loosely woven cotton fabrics as well as tightly woven linen and cottons and we over dyed printed cloth for varied results.

Sharon invited Liz, textile enthusiast from Berry Patchwork shop and Lisa to join us on the next day. They too enthusiastically created many ways to enjoy the vats, dyeing threads, selvedges, silks, clothing. Lisa even dip dyed a quilt top, and it did give it a new lease of life. 

Here are some pictures of my favourite results. I think I dyed over 5 kilos. 

Oh how beautiful is Shibori! 

Saffron Craig Indigo Dyeing Fabrics

Saffron wrapping fabric

Saffron Craig Indigo Dyeing Fabrics

Saffron Craig Indigo Dyeing Fabrics


Saffron Craig Indigo Dyeing Fabrics

Saffron Craig Indigo Dyeing FabricsSaffron Craig Indigo Dyeing Fabrics dye bath

Saffron Craig Indigo Dyeing Fabrics


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Hand Painting Fabric

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In my studio this week I have been experimenting even more with hand painting on fabric. I'm enjoying exploring shades of pinks and purples. There is something so relaxing about playing with colour—watching as my brushstrokes delicately and now confidently add colours and shapes to fabric. I'm using soft bamboo brushes that I bought in China 10 years ago.

Saffron Craig Hand Printing Fabric


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The Loop

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I am reading so much at the moment. In particular all the social media site beckon me. I bounce between the four main ones and get lost in a blur of perfection. Not my perfect life but yours?  I do also subscribe to amazing peoples blogs or their websites so I get my fix in my inbox as well. I have so much to read I could never get through it in a day. It's an amazing time to be alive at the moment, especially as an artist. There are so many people making their dream come true and seemingly making it work! It really seams that we can all be who we want to be. RIGHT?

Are you living your dream? 

Maybe I should stop reading so much and make more. I think I would be happier as I'm quite envious of how successful you all are. 

While I was thinking these thoughts and I will need to think some more about this. I added a few layers of stitches to my painting. I am super happy with this one. 

 Saffron Craig Hand Painted Fabrics Pink and Black

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New Work

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Saffron Craig Hand Painted Fabrics Embrodery
Adding pink ink to linen and watching it dry in layers leaving traces of pigment on the cloth. Traces of the pigment I used to make the colour separate and bleed. 
Then I added a layer of embroidery—freely to the painting. Free meaning I did not judge myself. (so often I'm worried that this is not good enough the stitches any how) Today I just played as an artist might?

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To be honest I am inspired. Maybe more than I have been in over two years. Yes I make things all the time but what I am doing at the moment feels like it is coming from somewhere new. Experimenting. I feel like I'm allowing myself time to be. I am allowing myself to work as an artist not just a designer.

Right now I am playing with colours. Colour is right up there as my favourite thing. I could mix and experiment with colour for the rest of my life. I just love colour and play with it as much as I can.

I am mixing soft pinks which are are important in my work—my heart is happy when I am working with pinks. Pistachio green another favourite colour contrasts and reacts subtly on my fabric. I really do enjoy watching the soft lines of the colours merge and change, bleed and transform. 

Saffron Craig Hand painted Fabric

Saffron Craig Hand Painted Fabrics  

Saffron Craig Hand Painted Fabric


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