Shibori—Dyeing With Indigo

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Over the long weekend the we went down to the stunning South Coast of NSW. We stayed with my brother and his family for one night. Where we enjoyed tranquil walks on the beach, ate loads and relaxed. Then we stayed in Berry with friends. 

Sharon had an indigo dye bath on the go, she excitedly showed me what she has been dyeing. So beautiful!

As I had been wanted to dye with indigo for ages, I was thrilled to join in. We made up a second bath of indigo dye as well as reinvigorated the first bath—which worked well.

So I knotted, tied, pleated, folded, and wrapped fabric around cool branches and threw in some grass experimenting. I was excited to find out what I could achieve. We used loosely woven cotton fabrics as well as tightly woven linen and cottons and we over dyed printed cloth for varied results.

Sharon invited Liz, textile enthusiast from Berry Patchwork shop and Lisa to join us on the next day. They too enthusiastically created many ways to enjoy the vats, dyeing threads, selvedges, silks, clothing. Lisa even dip dyed a quilt top, and it did give it a new lease of life. 

Here are some pictures of my favourite results. I think I dyed over 5 kilos. 

Oh how beautiful is Shibori! 

Saffron Craig Indigo Dyeing Fabrics

Saffron wrapping fabric

Saffron Craig Indigo Dyeing Fabrics

Saffron Craig Indigo Dyeing Fabrics


Saffron Craig Indigo Dyeing Fabrics

Saffron Craig Indigo Dyeing FabricsSaffron Craig Indigo Dyeing Fabrics dye bath

Saffron Craig Indigo Dyeing Fabrics


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Hand Painting Fabric

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In my studio this week I have been experimenting even more with hand painting on fabric. I'm enjoying exploring shades of pinks and purples. There is something so relaxing about playing with colour—watching as my brushstrokes delicately and now confidently add colours and shapes to fabric. I'm using soft bamboo brushes that I bought in China 10 years ago.

Saffron Craig Hand Printing Fabric


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The Loop

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I am reading so much at the moment. In particular all the social media site beckon me. I bounce between the four main ones and get lost in a blur of perfection. Not my perfect life but yours?  I do also subscribe to amazing peoples blogs or their websites so I get my fix in my inbox as well. I have so much to read I could never get through it in a day. It's an amazing time to be alive at the moment, especially as an artist. There are so many people making their dream come true and seemingly making it work! It really seams that we can all be who we want to be. RIGHT?

Are you living your dream? 

Maybe I should stop reading so much and make more. I think I would be happier as I'm quite envious of how successful you all are. 

While I was thinking these thoughts and I will need to think some more about this. I added a few layers of stitches to my painting. I am super happy with this one. 

 Saffron Craig Hand Painted Fabrics Pink and Black

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New Work

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Saffron Craig Hand Painted Fabrics Embrodery
Adding pink ink to linen and watching it dry in layers leaving traces of pigment on the cloth. Traces of the pigment I used to make the colour separate and bleed. 
Then I added a layer of embroidery—freely to the painting. Free meaning I did not judge myself. (so often I'm worried that this is not good enough the stitches any how) Today I just played as an artist might?

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To be honest I am inspired. Maybe more than I have been in over two years. Yes I make things all the time but what I am doing at the moment feels like it is coming from somewhere new. Experimenting. I feel like I'm allowing myself time to be. I am allowing myself to work as an artist not just a designer.

Right now I am playing with colours. Colour is right up there as my favourite thing. I could mix and experiment with colour for the rest of my life. I just love colour and play with it as much as I can.

I am mixing soft pinks which are are important in my work—my heart is happy when I am working with pinks. Pistachio green another favourite colour contrasts and reacts subtly on my fabric. I really do enjoy watching the soft lines of the colours merge and change, bleed and transform. 

Saffron Craig Hand painted Fabric

Saffron Craig Hand Painted Fabrics  

Saffron Craig Hand Painted Fabric


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I got fed up in my studio yesterday, I was time poor and only had maybe an hour, so what do I do with this hour? Which direction do I take? So I created a large piece. It felt bolder than previous works. 

This is a huge painting over 1 meter. It's the first layer I will add more when its dry. 


Saffron Craig Artwork


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In My New Studio

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In my new Studio in Clontarf I am finding time to connect with my artist side. I'm enjoying the freedom of playing—of having craft days where I mix up lots of various colours and create fabrics by hand.  It's an important part of who I am being able to experiment in the real. In a sense I play and recognise what comes from that experimenting in each moment, allowing the materials to guide me in what I am creating. Soft colours and a calm feeling is where I am at the moment. Layers touch each other. Some time a weeks worth of layering goes into the work.

Saffron Craig Textile artist 2015

Saffron Craig Textile artist 2015

Saffron Craig Textile artist 2015

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I'm Back

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I'm Back! It’s been a while since I blogged...12 months. I’ve missed blogging! Especially being able to communicate with like minded people. Thanks to those of you who encouraged me with emails and texts and other words of inspiration to get me back into blogging. I've got loads to share so better get over my shyness. 

Last weekend we drove down to The Canberra Contemporary Craft Retreat. I was there last year and it was awesome to go again. I had a workshop full of talented and enthusiastic students who created sensational fabrics. All so very different! 

It was great to escape Sydney as Canberra is just so beautiful this time of the year, the bush was yellow with wattle. Beautiful. 

It was great to see an Owl pop up in my class, I'm still very fond of Owls. This one is in turquoise and I think it has a lot of attitude with the buttons and bowtie.

 Saffron Craig Canberra Contemporary Retreat

 Ocean elements and colours in this fabulous print. Destined as placemats and a table runner. In the real this like most this fabric is even more sensational. 

Saffron Craig Canberra Contemporary Craft retreat 

Chocolate and hot pink in this perfectly printed fabric.

Saffron Craig Workshop

Saffron Craig Workshop Canberra Craft Retreat

 Like minded Lisa created a fabric full of whimsy and child like motives which as you know is close to my heart. (Never to many love hearts!)

Saffron Craig Canberra Contemporary Craft Retreat

 Yes we had a fantastic day in Canberra. Time flew for us all. 

I will be back at the Canberra Contemporary Craft Retreat for 2016. 




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Berry Quilting Retreat 2014

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Elizabeth Dubbelde of Berry Patchwork Shop and her amazing team organize an annual Quilting Retreat in Berry NSW. Liz also organises a wonderful Berry Quilt Show along with two quilting prises. With all proceeds from the Berry Quilt Show going to local children's charity.


The retreat encourages quilters from all around Australia to come together in beautiful historic Berry.


I was a tutor at this years retreat. I had a very talented and willing class, who all seemed to love taking up the challenge to create their own original fabrics from scratch. The days flew by, time was told as Elizabeth brought delicious morning tea, lunch and then afternoon tea to our pavilion.


On Sunday each student created a quilt or sewn item. 5 quilt tops were finished. They really were beautiful.


I was super busy though I managed to take a few photos with my SLR hoping to capture some moments. The individuality of each person shines in the fabrics they created. 


Saffron Craig Fabric Design Workshop Berry Retreat

Saffron Craig Fabric Design Workshop Berry Retreat

Saffron Craig Fabric Design Workshop Berry Retreat

Saffron Craig Fabric Design Workshop Berry Retreat


I enjoyed teaching enormously and was thrilled with what was created thanks to all who came along.


At the end of the two busy and stimulating days we had a show and tell in the quilt display so we could see what all the other classes with cleaver tutors had created.


It was really was a fabulous weekend. 




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Winter and Spring 2014 dates for my Screen Printing Workshops

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Here are the upcoming workshop dates for 2014. I hope that you can come along and join me in one of my workshops. I am sure we will have an inspiring time together.


12th of August

Course: Screen Printing and Fabric Design Workshop

Location: Saffron Craig's Inspiring Studio In Seaforth NSW

Bookings: Please book your spot here or send an inquiry if you have any questions.


Castle Hill - 23rd and 24th August

Course: Two Day Screen Printing, Fabric Design and Sewing Workshop

Location:  Kim Bradley, Unit 7/9 Packard Ave, Castle Hill, NSW 2154.

Bookings; Please contact Kim Bradley to reserve your place. Limited places available. Phone Kim on +61 2 9659 2912


Berry, NSW - 30th and 31st of August

Course: Two Day Screen Printing, Fabric Design and Quilt Design Workshop

Location; Berry Quilter's Retreat, Berry NSW

This workshop is full!


Sydney - 5th of September (Friday)

Course: Screen Printing and Fabric Design

Location Saffron Craig Seaforth Studio

Bookings: Book your place here


Sydney - 9th of October

Course: Screen Printing and Fabric Design

Location: Saffron Craig Seaforth Studio

Bookings: Book your place here 


Bathurst NSW - 13th and 14th of September

Course: Two Day Screen Printing, Fabric Design and Quilt Design Workshop

Contact: Michelle from Homepatch 02 6331 5002

Location: Bathurst Retreat


Milton - 27th and 28th of September

Course: Two Day Screen Printing, Fabric Design and Sewing Workshop

Contact: MyPatch here or Phone 02 4455 4087

Location: Milton NSW


Canberra - 17th and 18th of October  

Courses: Multiple courses over the weekend, read more about them here.

Location: Canberra Craft Retreat


Sydney - Friday the 5th of November

Location: Saffron Craig's Studio in Seaforth NSW

Bookings: Book here or send an inquiry if you have any questions.  


Canberra - 22nd and 23rd of November

Course: Quilt Design

Private Workshop Hosted by the Quilt Group of Canberra


Sydney - 26th of November

Course: School Holiday Workshop for Children

Location: Saffron's Seaforth Studio Seaforth 

Booking and further details are here


I hope to see you at one of my upcoming workshops. 

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