Moving Again

Posted on June 09, 2016 by Saffron Craig | 0 comments

For the third time in three years we find ourselves moving.

Again we spent a month or more packing everything we own into boxes, culling as we went, so many boxes were filled up.

Cleaning both ends as we go. It's exhausting and so frustrating.

My studio is a work in progress. Moving takes me away from being creative and I have little time to think let alone daydream as I have to make micro decisions every minute. 

The removalists knocked down the huge tree in our front yard, covering my car with it's once alive and flourishing branches. 

The new place has a great feel. I can see the moon and last night it was particularly beautiful—tiny like a baby's broken finger nail.

The new house stood up to the storm yes it has no leaks and yes we did wake up all night due to the heavy drilling rain in the worst storms Sydney has seen. 

So onwards to getting organised and finding the time to paint. 


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