Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably a day of colour workshop

Posted on February 19, 2014 by Saffron Craig | 1 comment

Yesterday I participated in Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably's colour workshop. It was an emotional day for me.

I had bought a Kaffe Fassett book on knitting when I was 18. The book taught me to knit—I knitted a jumper for my dad with about 20 or more different colours of yarn in it which I knitted together to make a splendid wool jumper. Dad wore the colourful jumper until it fell apart. I have been an admirer and follower of Kaffe Fassett for a long long time now. 


Kaffe's latest book—Quilt Grandeur is my favourites of his books to date. I could quite happily sew every single one of the quilts in the book. 


The workshop was based around his Pinwheel quilt from his latest book. It was such a good choice by Cottage Quiltworks. We explored the use of colour and pattern, paying attention to motives, scales and tones. It is also a great quilt design for using up small fabric pieces.  I wish I had taken a suit case of fabrics with me like so many others had. Here are some of my photographs from my day.


Kaffe Fasset 2014 Photograph by Saffron Craig

Kaffe Fasset 2014 Photograph by Saffron Craig


Kaffe Fasset 2014 Photograph by Saffron Craig

Kaffe Fasset 2014 Photograph by Saffron Craig

Kaffe Fasset 2014 Photograph by Saffron Craig


Below is the quilt top I put together in the workshop. I chose to create very viivd and contrasting pinwheels. I definitely was comfortable designing a quilt in this manner, cutting out the triangles and smoothing them onto a design wall. My triangles kept pealing off which you can see. We did not do any sewing on the day. 


Saffron Craig Pinwheel quilt in Kaffe Fasset workshop 2014 Photograph by Saffron Craig


Saffron Craig pinwheel quilt on the design wall with Kaffe Fasset 2014 Photograph by Saffron Craig


I am looking forward to sewing this together one day soon. At Kaffe's suggestion one fabric, the above in the middle, I will remover as it's tone is quite dark for this particular quilt. I will replace it with a bright coloured fabric. The quilt will also grow to be a lot bigger.

It was magical to watch everyone piece together their quilts on their design walls. Kaffe and Brandon were amazing at making suggestions and explaining peoples colour styles. He loved everything that was created and was humble and encouraging, he certainly is a gifted teacher. What a human being.

Brandon was jolly and energetic—we had a a good giggle over his amazing fabrics. 


A special and rewarding day for all involved. 



I am teaching at Cottage Quiltworks this weekend and again in May. If you fancy coming along please contact them here to book your spot. 

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  • Trina

    Great post Saffron. One day I will do a Kaffe workshop. x


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