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Posted on April 29, 2014 by Saffron Craig | 2 comments

Yesterday I returned from two weeks in WA, visiting Perth and the Margret River Region. Which is close to three weeks of traveling for me. During this time I met so many amazing women through the workshop I taught, it has been brilliant and humbling for me to be able to connect. It's just what I hoped I would be doing this year—getting out of my studio to meet like minded people, though it has been so much more than that. I have been shown so much kindness, seen how other artist live and work, walked in beautiful places that I needed to be invited into to be able to see and I really have learnt so much about life and living. Thanks Skidamarink ( I love you ) and Hot Possum, and Yvette Fraser for hosting me on my travels. I've learnt so much from you all. A huge thanks to all of you for coming along it would not have been possible without you. 


In Margaret River I was lucky enough to eat from permaculture gardens, watch surfers on 5 meter waves, enjoy the sunset its so unusual for me to watch the sun dip over the ocean horizon leaving liquid fluorescent pink light in it's trail. I was invited to a surprise 40th birthday party in the middle of the bush with a lamb on the spit and a sky full of stars, red wine and a huge bonfire with a live band entertaining us all which made for a special memory. I also went to the local car races and was thrilled at the speed the cars flew around the red clay track and afterwards chatted to the fearless drivers. Perhaps to be a fabric design in the future. 


I also enjoyed quality time with my younger Sister and her three children. We were certainly busy walking over sand dunes, catching waves, visiting local attractions and eating, so much eating.  


While I was there Margaret River Regions Opens studio was on—so lucky me I was able to visit local artists, chat to them about their practice. To be in their creative spaces was incredibly inspiring for me. It's on for a bit longer so if you are in the area do pop in to see them. My Favourite Studio space was from Diana Burns who has the most amazing studio set in pristine bush, her watercolours are truly beautiful. Another favourite Studio space and textile artist was Rivers of Silk.  Just beautiful.


Margaret River


Margaret River Fabric Design and Screen Printing Workshop

Teaching is so rewarding look what was created in a day. I was busy offering up advice, mixing colours and answering questions. 

Wonderful fabric created by local artist Diana Burns.



Workshop Fabric Design—Repeats 




Perth Fabric Design and Screen Printing Workshop With Hot Possum

Denise from Hot Possum picked us up from Perth airport, drove us to her home and looked after as so kindly for our stay in Perth. She created amazing fabrics and her enthusiasm positively effected us all. She is such a talent. Pop over to her website her patterns and her fabric choices are fantastic. 



I'm sure I'll return to my kind of normality soon? But it's bound to be a different one after all my experiences and all the inspirations I found there. I thought I might start by sitting at my IMac and writing about my journey. But I kinda just want to book my return visit. 

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  • Diana Burns

    Sounds wonderful.
    Orchid Ramble the whole property will be used for Open Studio. Workshops. Gallery. Studio. And Shed. A container will have storage facilities.
    Perhaps you may like to consider booking a time and space.
    Eco dying. Watercolours Silk painting Japanese Indigo workshop already booked and MR O S have other Artists wanting to join in. 2018.
    Catelogue dates will be finalised in November so plenty of time to think about it.

  • Sarah

    Please come back again soon. Your workshop was amazing.


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