Shibori—Dyeing With Indigo

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Over the long weekend the we went down to the stunning South Coast of NSW. We stayed with my brother and his family for one night. Where we enjoyed tranquil walks on the beach, ate loads and relaxed. Then we stayed in Berry with friends. 

Sharon had an indigo dye bath on the go, she excitedly showed me what she has been dyeing. So beautiful!

As I had been wanted to dye with indigo for ages, I was thrilled to join in. We made up a second bath of indigo dye as well as reinvigorated the first bath—which worked well.

So I knotted, tied, pleated, folded, and wrapped fabric around cool branches and threw in some grass experimenting. I was excited to find out what I could achieve. We used loosely woven cotton fabrics as well as tightly woven linen and cottons and we over dyed printed cloth for varied results.

Sharon invited Liz, textile enthusiast from Berry Patchwork shop and Lisa to join us on the next day. They too enthusiastically created many ways to enjoy the vats, dyeing threads, selvedges, silks, clothing. Lisa even dip dyed a quilt top, and it did give it a new lease of life. 

Here are some pictures of my favourite results. I think I dyed over 5 kilos. 

Oh how beautiful is Shibori! 

Saffron Craig Indigo Dyeing Fabrics

Saffron wrapping fabric

Saffron Craig Indigo Dyeing Fabrics

Saffron Craig Indigo Dyeing Fabrics


Saffron Craig Indigo Dyeing Fabrics

Saffron Craig Indigo Dyeing FabricsSaffron Craig Indigo Dyeing Fabrics dye bath

Saffron Craig Indigo Dyeing Fabrics


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