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Posted on October 13, 2015 by Saffron Craig | 0 comments

I've been paining and loving it so much.

Creativity is the only unique contribution that we will make in this world.

Today I am sharing my soul with the world, in the form of my paintings. I'm feeling brave.

The inspiration for my painting draws from my love of nature. I have enjoyed being free to play with colours such as pink, purple and blue. Tulip shaped flowers formed by beautiful bamboo brushes come alive as fields of flowers in front of a pink mountain coloured like a wonderful sunrise. I've enjoyed encouraging the paint to drip freely as it creates layers of colours and shapes so that the work invites you further to explore.


Pink Mountain In Full Bloom

55cm x 55cm

SaffronCraig Original PaintingBlossoming Tulips Over The Blue Water

Blossoming Tulips Over The Blue Water 

55cm x 55cm 



Detail from Blossoming Tulips Over The Blue Water 



Blue Pools

110cm x 55cm




Maybe you would like one for yourself. If so I've loaded them up on my website. Here. 

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