My Current Project Building My Home In An Eco Village

Posted on February 01, 2016 by Saffron Craig | 0 comments

Eco Friendly Housing—we've been involved with a project for about three years. Essentially the project is an idea that we can create an Eco Village in a large Valley North of Sydney. 

At present my family and a few other close friends with their families are involved which is cool. The project currently has 120 people or families, others are single ladies.

Together we are creating a community of like minded people. We are all working together in the valley, clearing the old trees, turning them into mulch, lots of weeding, and the odd demolishing of old buildings that are unusable. 

Still it's a while away before we build. Bridges need to be be built, roads as well. There are lots of meetings to discuss how we create it, how it will look and feel. What will we call the streets?

In my own time I'm planing on what I will build. Yay for Pinterest!

We are building in the first stage and another 100 houses will be built in the second stage. We all want to create sustainable housing, leaving large amounts of green space to grow food and to enjoy for pleasure. Yes we all plan to live off the grid. Ambitious and exciting and sometimes nerve racking. But in three years we've seen lots of change all enormously exciting.

So when I'm sitting and thinking and I'm pondering the actual house I will build for my family. (Well technically we will have a builder and trades but I will be the overseer.) I'm in the throws of designing a house.

My mind is full of ideas—creating my future home. What will the front door be like? How will it open onto the garden? Will we build over two levels? Will we have a parents retreat on the top floor? Natural stone bathroom? Luxurious bath (please fit into budget)!  Black/timber kitchen? Timber floorboards? Entertainer. Sandstone. My studio? What will that be like? Well that's what I'm thinking. And today sharing!

My Eco House Pinterest board is added to quite regularly. This is my style of house that I wanting to build. One lady is building a Hobbit Hole house, another an Earth Dwelling. But I want to build something light and airy and that feels solid. My dream is going to move forward a lot this year. 

Here is my pinterest board if you care to see more of my inspirations? Please click follow! 

 I am loving this house. 

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