Scrappy Trip Along Quilt - Many reasons why it is great

Posted on March 23, 2013 by Saffron Craig | 2 comments

My Scrappy Trip Along quilt came with me to the Stitches and Craft show and I'm glad I did.

Having this quilt with me at the show was great for many reasons:

  • Firstly, I actually followed a pattern to make it. Usually I opt for a design that I make up like a drawing in my note book. 
  • It was great as so many people have made it, so we could all agree how much fun it is to make a quilt like this. 
  • It was great (for me) as I could use it to showcase so many of my fabrics. 
  • It was great because it made people—including high school students—stop at my stand, stare and shake their heads in disbelief as they assumed each square was sewn together in a calculated manner. They actually thought I was crazy to sew such a quilt. An opportunity for me to pause, smile and sometimes be cheeky. 

I really am pleased with how it tunred out especially the vibrant colours. The squares create a chevron feel to me, which makes it appear not to scrappy. I used my Banksia Weave fabric for the main diagonal lines mostly so I did not loose count as I pulled off one block and reattached it. Also because it is the fabric I designed for myself from the Banksia Bloom organic range. 

I hand-quilted this by stitching in the ditch, which was soothing and calming, done at night in front of Downtown Abbey, the Paradise and a bit of Girls as well. It took a week all up

All the fabrics are available in my online fabric shop. 

They are also sold internationally so ask at your local Patchwork store. 


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  • Kirsten

    Gorgeous quilt – a fabulous way to show off your beautiful fabrics!1

  • Karen Daniel

    This is so pretty. I love how freely the colors flow – as if it came together so easily! Glad to know there’s a fellow hand quilter out there. Sometimes I think we are rare indeed!


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