Stitches and Craft Show at Rosehill

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It was great to see so many happy and friendly faces in Western Sydney. I had time to engage with most customers who passed by my booth at the show. We spoke about Organic fabrics and the positive impact they are having on the world. Largely I was there to let people touch and feel my new organic fabrics. I heard many positive stories how children have become healthier using chemical free fabrics as well. We also did chat about what we are sewing crafting and making. Quilt tops were brought in and shown about to many ahhs.. 

Wombats, Kookaburras and  my new colours in the Owl softie panels sold out!  I felt as though I introduced a lot of people to their first sewing projects. Maybe too there will be more crafty people in the world. 

I was asked numerous times to teach. So if you are one of those people I look forward to teaching you and your groups. If you have a group, shop, organisation and you would like me to teach you please send me an email. 

Wednesday was the setup for the show. It required a very long drive to the other side of Sydney through seemingly stagnant traffic to unpacked all my carefully folded fabrics and  hang the quilts. Making the booth look happy, bright and cheerful—not to mention inspiring and organised—is always stressful to achieve in a 2m booth.. But I am getting there.

The following four days saw many people I know stop by and buy my new organic fabrics. I was also visited by many other booth owners and it is always nice they make the effort. 

The travelling Texstyle exhibition was upstairs this time. It had some amazing textile artisans create costumes alongside the work of High school graduates in textiles. If you get a chance to see it you too will be amazed by the detail. I have shared all my pictures on Instagram, if you would like to see pop over,

On Saturday night my girlfriends treated me with a much needed night out, they took me out to the Griffin Theatre to see a play, which I would definitely recommend to you. Afterwards we went out for a drink at the so beautiful Victoria room. I came home laughing! Friends are so important to me. 

Saffron Craig Organic fabrics at Rosehill Show
Saffron Craig Owl Softie fabrics at Rosehill Show 
Saffron Craig Wombat fabrics at Rosehill ShowSaffron Craig Organic fabrics at Rosehill Show
Sunday was the busiest day of the show for me. So by pack-up time I was super tired. I have never been happier to see Patrick turn up and take all the boxes and tables into the car. Until the next one then..
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