Francis Bacon Inspiration

Posted on February 12, 2013 by Saffron Craig | 0 comments

The Art Gallery of NSW is a huge melting pot of inspiration for me. I went yesterday particularly to view the Francis Bacon exhibition, to see how I felt about his art up close. His large canvases with melting men, on colourful flat backgrounds, which are his later works, were my favourites. 

Life is what we feel and I think however I felt very glum looking at these paintings. 

Saffron Craig Francis Bacon Inspiration?


This is my favorite painting the. Image is from the NSW Art Gallery website. (No photography allowed!)


Saffron Craig ANG inspiration 

The ground floor was inspiring for me as well, the  sculpture, photography, installations I found just fantastic. I am not sure how it will translate in my work, I just know that it will somehow. I left the gallery feeling light hearted, and eager to create something. 

Here are a few pics I captured flashelssly on my Iphone. 


I am a huge fan of oversized objects. 


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