Wonderful Bags by Melisa Jane Handmade

Posted on February 01, 2013 by Saffron Craig | 0 comments

Have you seen the wonderful creations of Melisa McCarthy? I have bought three bags from her in as many months. Which I can show you now as my friends now have their gifts.

Melisa has been sewing on and off for 15 years but only seriously in the last 3 years.

She loves working with a wide range of fabrics and patterns and enjoys making bags, clothing for ladies and children. 

The label Melisa Jane was born in March 2012 and is coming up for the first birthday. YAY!

Melisa is in her early 30's married with 2 young boys (nearly 5 and 2.5years). Always an exciting time.  She works from home  living in a small village just outside of Canberra.

Melisa will take custom orders but only in limited numbers. She generally does a call out on her facebook page once a month for orders. She also holds sales on her fb page every couple of months. The last one saw the bags sell out very quickly. 

Here are a few bags Melisa has made with the Kookaburra fabrics as they are being affectionately called. Thanks for the pictures Melisa.

Melisa Jane with Saffron Craig Organic fabrics


Melisa Jane with Saffron Craig Organic fabrics


Melisa can be found on  facebook as Melisa Jane Handmade.

In progress is her website ( Hubby has just got to find the time to to finish it. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy every minute of it. 

Please keep on emailing me with what you are sewing/creating! 

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