Single Bed Kookaburra quilt by Robin Evans

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A few days ago I received this photo of a stunning Kookaburra quilt made by Robin of "Patchwork on Pittwater" in Mona Vale.

I saw the beginnings of this quilt while visiting Robin as she started cutting my Banksia Bloom range into wide pieces using the entire width of each fabrics as stripes.

Together we tried a few different layouts of the 8 fabrics in the range, until Robin decided on it's final layout. To me the quilt look wonderful. I really love these full patterned quilts. 

Since I last saw the quilt Robyn has added a small border of orange, which brings out the orange in the Kookaburra River, and then the outside border which uses the Banksia Weave fabric. Doesn't it look great.

Robin facebooked me the picture of the finished Kookaburra top, which is now being quilted. She decided to  use the Kookaburra River to back the quilt, in that way she will have a double quilt. 

I thought Robin's quilt might inspire you. She really enjoyed creating it and is very happy to share the image. 

The Kookaburra quilt has received enthusiastic comments here. It is quite a fun, fast and easy quilting project. 

Oh yes, now my sister has asked me to sew one for her son's king single bed. Sometimes I wish I could close my eyes and say "hey presto" and the project would manifest itself! Wouldn't that be awesome. Though there is much to be said about the pleasure in the creating and the designing of which I am sure you can all agree.

Saffron Craig Kookaburra Quilt made by Robin Evans


Big thanks to you Robin Evans.


  If you have anything you would like to share with my readers then please contact me here. 

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