Cute Puppy Pillow Softie

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Ok so it's the 1st of May. Is that crazy! Yes it is. School holidays are over now (sob) which means for me it's back to the screen. YAY.

Teaching young ones to sew is enjoyable for me. I found this tutorial on the Red Thread blog and that afternoon each of the girls had cut, sewn and stuffed their own versions of these cute Puppy Pillow Softies. They really did love making them, my daughter is still dog crazy so it was a perfect project for her. Hers is the white one with the black spot—the boy of the two. It had to have a bigger nose and the ears to the side of the eye.


Saffron Craig Puppy dog cushion


Saffron Craig Puppy dog cushion


Saffron Craig Puppy dog cushion

Fast stuffing—that hand is a blur. 

Saffron Craig Puppy dog cushion

I did post pictures of these bits of cuteness on Facebook in real time—in fact you may have already seen them there—but I wanted to store them here on my blog as well for memory sakes. Cause I am sentimental like that. Zoom life is flying for me.

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