Let's Crochet a Poncho!

Posted on July 30, 2013 by Saffron Craig | 1 comment

A poncho—I am indeed a mother inspired by the 70's.

My daughter accused me of forgetting the sleeves. I laughed. Yup. Guilty. 


Saffron Craig poncho made with variegated wool

The poncho is made from two pieces, a front and a back.  The treble in the centre forms the V-shape. I did add some scolloping around the hem after she wore it a few times. 

Saffron Craig poncho made with variegated wool

I taught my friend Megan to make one too. She had never picked up a hook before. She was quite a quick learner as she was well on her way to creating the front after an hour. I think it looks so lovely in the thick soft white wool Megan chose.

Megan Sadler poncho made with whilte alpaca wool

It was nice to sit and crochet with a friend. Baby on her knee. Bossy 8 year old wanting sleeves on mine.  



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  • Marcela Baldazo

    Nice simple poncho yet very pretty and stylish. Love to make it for my granddaughter.


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