My round up of the Craft and Quilting Fair Darling Harbour 2013

Posted on June 18, 2013 by Saffron Craig | 1 comment

Saffron Craig Organic fabrics at Dalring Harbour 2013

Craft and quilting fair 2013 Saffron Craig and Patrick Visser


Thanks so much to all of you who stopped by my stand, especially if you bought some of my fabric and came to my talks. 

There were many highlights at the Fair. It's always fun for me to be out in public and meeting people, facebook friends, bloggers, instagramers, shop owners, magazine editors, writers, quilt designers, new businesses and of course you—my customers—so many who I met at the show 5 years ago. Thanks to you all for sharing your photos with me, your stories as well as inspirations for your future projects. 

Big thanks to Sharon Thompson for calling by every day, for Megan and her son Bodhi for helping me on the stand. Especially to Patrick for helping with everything from the loading of the car,  assembling the the booth, working for a week and then pulling it apart at the end of a long week all with a great sense of humour.

Thanks also to my Mum and Dad a who looked after Sequoia for a whole week. Fairies in my Garden were the worlds best neighbours—we all agree that we pour our hearts and souls into our businesses.

Saffron Craig Softie panels

I did find a bit of time to do some social media. 


And here's my favourite story:

One lady asked me what my next range is all about. What I am drawing and creating? I looked at her and said "I want to design a range around bees. Show people how important bees are to us."

She looked at me with astonishment and said "I have been a bee keeper for 45 years. I can tell you everything you need to know."

And she did. As she was explaining everything about bees my imagination was already at work creating beautiful fabrics...

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  • Molli Sparkles

    Saffron! It was so great to meet you and pick your brain about your fabric and process. I mentioned you in my latest blog post, and I’ve had a few death threats for now encouraging people to buy more new fabric! ;-) <3, Molli Sparkles / Joshua Helms


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