Valley View Cot sized Quilt

Posted on June 27, 2013 by Saffron Craig | 1 comment

This quilt was a gift for our friend Geremy for his 40th Birthday a few weeks ago. What I hear you say? A quilt for a guy? I know—but it was well received and after the big party he surprised me with a text telling me how much he loved it. You see he is expecting his first baby girl in September and he does understand the love I was giving him and his daughter.


Saffron Craig organic fabrics cot quilt

 Saffron Craig Valley View Cot Quilt organic fabrics

Saffron Craig Valley View Cot Quilt

 I really should have photographed it before I wrapped it up as a present. But with all the prep for the Craft and Quilt show I ran out of daylight and steam.

Saffron Craig Organic fabrics in a cot quiltQuilt Love is such a beautiful book written by Cassandra Ellis.This quilt was inspired by one from the book. I poured over each word and picture when I first received it.  I purchased it from my local book shop — Birkalow.

saffron craig blog


Saffron Craig blog

 Happy 40th Geremy. Can't wait for the first photo with a new born wrapped up in it.

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  • Molli Sparkles

    Ooh great way to show off these fabrics! I like how it tells a story, and I’m sure the recipient (as she gets older) will have her imagination in overdrive with the animals, flowers and clouds!


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