Silk Sari Knitting

Posted on July 02, 2013 by Saffron Craig | 1 comment

Silk sari yarn is made from recycled Sari's as the name implies. It calls to me on some tactile level—as a ball— an object to sit on my shelf. It's so lustrous and colourful.

I tried to crochet it on various sized hooks. However I found that the change from a yarn to a fabric made it quite stiff, so I unravelled it—and started again.

I then moved onto knitting needles—simple knitting as the  yarn is fancy enough. 

By changing yarns every second row or so, swapping it with an indigo dyed cotton then again with a soft grey alpaca wool is helping with the handle. It is now growing into a simple scarf. The blobs of yellow and green frayed fibres I just love. As I am knitting the air is filled with fragrant smells of incense. It's got history this yarn. 


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  • Marjory Blume

    Please tell me more, where can I buy a some of this wondrous yarn?


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