Sew Giving sews a Bubble Dress with Valley View Traingles

Posted on August 01, 2013 by Saffron Craig | 2 comments

Isn't this the funkiest girls dress sewn by Sew Giving? It is made using the Organic Triangles fabric from Valley View.

Sew Giving was inspired to start sewing when she wanted to sew for her two young daughters. She sews to give away which is how she came to name her fabulous personal blog.

In her blog post on making the dress for her daughter, she mentioned that the triangles look like snow capped mountain peaks! After my stints of living in Switzerland I was pleased to note that those snowcapped Alps have come through subconsciously. Either that or my endless day dreaming about skiing on snow capped mountains. 

The pattern of the Bubble Dress is found over here at Straight Grain with a fabulous tutorial on how to make the dress. I remember having a Bubble Dress as a child and skipping around in it feeling so very lucky and such a fashionista.

If you are a children's wear sewer/designer you might be interested to take part in the Flip Sew along which is run by sisters on their blog Frances and Suzanne. It is a monthly sew along that has been sewing since May. You may not have heard about it so I thought I would share it with you. There is a lot of great inspiration to be found on their blog as well as on their pinterest pages.


Sew Giving Dress sewn using Valley View Triangles fabric in black


Thanks for blogging about your lovely dress Sew Giving.  I so want to sew one too.  

Valley View Triangle fabric is for sale here 

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  • Fabric for Poly Rayon

    Dress design and stuff looking so nice.

  • Gabrielle (UpSewLate)

    Thanks for the link; this blog is new to me. Love the fabrics she uses!


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