Taking Stock

Posted on August 06, 2013 by Saffron Craig | 0 comments

Pip has a lovely blog post today she has called Taking Stock and that's exactly what I have been doing.

After a busy weekend in Camden and another busy couple of days filled with business orientated stuff I thought it would be fun to really take stock. 

This is Pip's list and my musings.

Making : Invoices.
Cooking : Organic vegetables with potato rosti.
Drinking : Vanilla tea and thinking about wine time.
Reading: a book on business.
Wanting: more money (or some) to plan with. :)
Looking: at my future.
Playing: with thoughts in my mind.
Wasting: nothing.
Sewing: an embroidery.
Wishing: I enjoyed taking photos more than I do.
Enjoying: My friend Jo.
Waiting: For my daughter to come home from her grandparents house.
Liking: The warm weather.
Wondering: If it will always be this warm?
Loving: The quiet.
Hoping: It lasts a bit longer.
Marvelling: At the new website from my friend Scoop designs.
Needing: To find time to do more.
Smelling: Sandalwood incense
Wearing: Colbolt blue cashmere cardi over summer dress in WInter! Yippee
Following: Cloud Control.
Noticing: the trees are being tricked into thinking it is Spring as they are showing their first blossoms.
Knowing: My orders need to be walked up-to the postbox.
Thinking: of unicorns and wishing they lived in my garden.
Feeling: Optimistic.
Bookmarking: Off the grid houses.  Homes that are eco friendly. 
Opening: emails.
Giggling: at some neighbouring kids walking past with a new puppy who is too tired to walk.
Feeling: excited about life.


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