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Almost daily I think about what I am grateful for. I call them my gratitude lists. I write them down in my journal or say them to myself silently. Gratitude is especially useful to me when I am feeling frustrated usually from impatience, I turn my feelings into moment where I can be grateful. 

I am feeling particularly grateful this morning as Spring is here and there are enormous changes happening all around me. My world is shifting morphing into something else. 


My gratitude list today was:

I am so grateful I live next to a spectacular National Park which I can walk through and feel quite alone and peaceful, while I am walking my thoughts become more organised.

I am grateful to all the mums who smiled at me this morning while we were walking to school, and to the mums who stopped for a chat. 

I am grateful that Patrick made us a cooked breakfast which we shared with laughter.

I am grateful I am a creative person and am bound to create something new today.

I am grateful for the flowers we picked this morning which made me smile twice—once when I picked them and again when I gave them away.


Saffron Craig Flowers


I am also grateful that my house is full of flowers from my garden. 

That is a start!

Do you think about what you are grateful for?



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