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Posted on September 13, 2013 by Saffron Craig | 6 comments

There is not a day that goes by where I don't day dream of meeting a unicorn. I imagine them to be gentle souls, magical, quite peaceful, living in a hidden valley. I would quite like to ride one, no halter or saddle, just freedom. It was from these thoughts that I created my new fabric. 

The Unicorn fabric has only just arrived and I am really thrilled by it, it has been printed just as I imagined it to look.

This is a large scale fabric design available as a panel. The repeat is large at 100 x 112cm. 

The Unicorn fabric is available in my online shop from today. 

Saffron Craig Unicorn Fabric

This is the entire design on the fabric. 

If you would like to make a quilt with the Unicorn fabric you can use the Wombat and the Valley View ranges. It coordinates perfectly as it uses the same pinks, purples, yellow, grey and green.

I have been sketching up a quilt design for the fabric. I think it would be terrific as panel in the centre of the quilt with large triangles pieced in a patchwork effect all around the Unicorn panel. 

Saffron Craig Organic fabrics

This is a detail of the top left hand side of the unicorn fabric, featuring the fairy riding on a unicorn. She is so lucky! 

Saffron Craig Unicorn Fabric

This is a detail of the unicorn and the fairy. I am so going to make her dress next. 

Saffron Craig Unicorn Fabric

Large Yellow Butterfly. 

The fabric is digitally printed on pure cotton.

Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think?

You can buy the Unicorn panel here.

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  • Halena

    I love it! I am thinking of a sundress for my 4yo. First to find a pattern that will use the panel. I have seen one on pinterest.

  • Julie

    Keep up your amazing creativity Saffron.
    You have a real gift.

  • rani

    Your unicorn is very handsome!

  • Nadine

    Oh wow love it!

  • Meredithe

    So very pretty!

  • nicole

    wow wow wow!!!!
    I;ve been looking for unicorn fabric for a long time…’s all too babyish or medieval…..this is just right Saffron.
    I’ll have to order two panels. My 6yr old would turn herself inside out over a dress (not sure how yet!) and maybe I’ll make her a quilt for xmas.
    off to check my bank account!!!!!!!


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