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I am taking bookings for my next screen printing workshops on the 15th or the 29th of November in Balgowlah on Sydney's Northern Beaches. If you would like to come along click here to book your spot.

Amazing work from the Thirroul workshop

Michelle Powell from the Natural Loom hosted the two day Fabric Design and Screen Printing Workshop over the weekend in Thirroul. I had a ball. It was lovely to meet such talented people. My Aunt and Uncle Sharon and Mal live locally and they kindly invited me to stay with them, we were up talking to well past midnight. 

Gary Butler used a compass and a 5 cent coin to draw up his funky paisley motive, which he printed onto lovely linen fabric in two colours. He also printed a fun stripe. Gary mentioned he was up at 5.30am planing on what quilt design to sew with his fabric. We discussed all the options deciding to let the fabric be the hero. Yes he worked hard—not even stopping for a chat at lunch. The quilt is large being 180cm square. I sooo wanted to take this quilt home with me. I bet you would have as well? Gary can be found here.


Fabric design and screen printing workshop with Saffron Craig


Michele Powell who hosted the workshop created this beautiful fabrics isn't the white flower lovely? On Sunday this funky fabric was sewn into a dress, the back of the dress has a patchwork feel as we combined some of Michelle's favourite fabrics from her online shop the Natural Loom. Michelle mentioned that she never makes things for herself—how lovely that she decided to make something so special. 


Fabric design and screen printing workshop with Saffron Craig

Architect Ariane Radford is 15 weeks pregnant and came along with decorating the nursery in mind, she printed curtains with the gender neutral colours of grey and green. So Sunday she laughingly said she woke up in the middle of the night bursting with ideas—in the morning we discussed a few of her  ideas and made this patchworks sleeping bag for the baby to sleep it. Sigh! So cute. Pretty amazing for a first time printer and quilter don't you think?


Fabric design and screen printing workshop with Saffron Craig


Thanks so much to all who came along over the weekend. 

If this looks like fun to you and you would like to learn an new skill then please book one of my workshops here. Or if you would like to host a workshop for you and your colleagues then I am more that happy to come to you. 

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