Florals—"Its Lighter Than You Think!"

Posted on February 20, 2018 by Saffron Craig | 0 comments
Studio Story—


As an artist, my studio is my sanctuary where I escape. Particularly in summer when it's so hot. Often I sit patiently and wait for the deep memories to arise so I can receive the spirits of what I want to create. It's a place from which I courageously make a mark of colour on cloth.

Mysteriously in my studio, I watch my work come to fruition in a form, which I can recognise. It is taking a courageous step to sharing my views of the world through visual storytelling. It is always my hope that I will create something arresting, engaging and possibly beautiful to inspire you.

 While creating these works, I have been silently repeating to my self as a Mantra, "It's lighter than you think." These words encourage me to approach my work within my studio lightly and peacefully, allowing myself the lengthy time to stitch the embroideries, paint each layer and enjoy the process. As such this work comes from the happier, gentler Saffron, that artist that I delve into in my studio.

It is always hard to accept that the courageous step is so close to us and that it is closer than we ever could conceive.


 "Floral in Pink_It's Lighter Than You Think."


Acrylic and Thread framed in White.



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