Buttercup Bags sewn with the Organic Valley View Fabrics

Posted on July 23, 2013 by Saffron Craig | 3 comments

The Buttercup bag is a sweet bag. It holds my purse, phone and lipstick which is all I need for a night out.

It's quite easy to make and sew. 

Valley View fabrics 100% Organic with the Traingles


I made a couple of extra bags, which I will give to my friends as presents. I intend to make a bigger version by scaling up the pattern.


Chevron by Saffron Craig


Valley View fabrics 100% Organic with the Traingles


Valley View fabrics 100% Organic fabrics


 The fabrics which I used in the bags are available over here. 


The Buttercup pattern is Made-By-Rae and can be found here.  


What have you been sewing lately? Do you have any great bag patterns to share?


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Introducing Valley View — My New Range of Organic Fabrics

Posted on April 10, 2013 by Saffron Craig | 7 comments

I am thrilled to present to you my new range of fabrics Valley View for Fern Textiles.

A vibrant range of 8 coordinating designs in soft pinks, lush purples, happy yellows, striking black and crisp white for you all to enjoy. 

Inspiration for the range

Australia is a country filled with breathtaking valley’s, where you find hidden beauty in secret spots and my adventures wandering through them led me to design this range of fabrics.

Valley View captures those natural secrets and the essence of their beauty while paying homage to folk art, cross stitch and patch work designs.

The handle of these 100% organic cotton fabrics is soft and oh so luxurious.

Valley View fabrics are available here.




The designs in detail

Floating Clouds—have you ever woken up well before dawn and watched the sky? It is such a magical time of the day for me. Often at dawn the sky will glow with a magical pink and the clouds appear out of the darkness as balls of cotton wool.

This was the inspiration for Floating Clouds and the design features rose, purple and white clouds on a beautiful pink base cloth.




Spotty Dotty Flowers—this design harks back to the fun of the 70’s flower power combining it with patchworkers love for spots. Using bold, graphic flowers in a beautiful shade of purple sprinkled with tiny yellow dots on a rich dark red fabric.

This design is full of fun and my personal favourite of the range and will be made into many a piece of clothing.




Flowers in the Lattice—Red and lilac flowers are arranged in a geometric small scale lattice with smaller pink flowers inbetween. The purple lattice on a contrasting yellow background creates a bright happy fabric.


 saffron craig collections flowers in the lattice


Texture—I was intrigued by the rough, repetitive texture when running my fingertips along the bark of a cork tree and wondered how I could tranlate that into a design. I took a few photographs—close up photos of the bark—and later I drew the texture of the bark. I used the positive warm shades of yellow for this design as it is such a lovely colour that I truely love.


Lucky Clover—I love the view of a valley covered in clovers. The hunt for the lucky four leaf clover reminds me of carefree childhood days. Sometimes we even found one!

For this design I played with the technique of cross-stitch to create the motive of four leaf clovers. I coloured the clover in various shades of pink, purples and yellow. The base cloth features the most vibrant pink I have ever printed on. This fabric is sure to be full of luck and positivity I should think!



Triangles—this is my first black fabric for a while—and the last I designed sold out quite quickly. So there's need for a new one, don't you agree?

With Autumn now upon us I decided the Valley View range needed a dark fabric to contrast the other designs. I love the strong graphic element that the yellow triangle motive adds to the range. The lines are very fine and detailed. This fabric is beautifully printed and a favourite of my friends and family already.

Turns out it is a great fabric for men and boys.




Valley View—the namesake fabric of this range. It is the original design for this range, it's where I started and designem many of the elements.

It's one of my signature large scale panel taking up the width of the fabric and repeats every 60cm.

The tranquil design sits on a white poplin cotton, with vibrant green, purples and pinks. The fabric features undulating hills and stylised trees under a heart filled rainbow and puffy clouds floating past.

The image below shows the entire 60cm repeat.


 Full repeat of the fabric.


Cheaters Quilt—While picknicking in the secret Valley this is the fabric that I wished I had been sitting on.

So I thought I should design and print it! I'll enjoy taking it with me next time, made up into a lovely large quilted rug. I will sit on it  and enjoy the floating clouds, the clovers and the flowers and trees. It also depicts some designs I had ready for the range Valley View but did not use for the final 8 coordinating prints. 

A bonus track so to speak.


Yes this fabric is cheating but fun and would make a great backing fabric, dress, bag or quick quilt.

It features, yellow, pink, purple, dark red on a lovely soft poplin cotton.


Fabric Bundles

Bundles of fabric from the Valley View GOTS organic fabric can be found in my new online shop:



Bundles are the most popular and economic way for you to buy the range. All the fabrics coordinate and will combine with previous organic ranges such as the Wombat Wonderland and the Banksia Bloom.



Thanks so much for your continued support in reading my blog and buying my fabrics, I hope this range inspires you.

All fabrics are available for wholesale nationally and internationally through Fern Textiles.

This range will retail with your favorite fabric shop or through my online shop right here.

Please leave me a comment. On my bran new blog! I would love to read your thoughts.  

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