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I'm Back! It’s been a while since I blogged...12 months. I’ve missed blogging! Especially being able to communicate with like minded people. Thanks to those of you who encouraged me with emails and texts and other words of inspiration to get me back into blogging. I've got loads to share so better get over my shyness. 

Last weekend we drove down to The Canberra Contemporary Craft Retreat. I was there last year and it was awesome to go again. I had a workshop full of talented and enthusiastic students who created sensational fabrics. All so very different! 

It was great to escape Sydney as Canberra is just so beautiful this time of the year, the bush was yellow with wattle. Beautiful. 

It was great to see an Owl pop up in my class, I'm still very fond of Owls. This one is in turquoise and I think it has a lot of attitude with the buttons and bowtie.

 Saffron Craig Canberra Contemporary Retreat

 Ocean elements and colours in this fabulous print. Destined as placemats and a table runner. In the real this like most this fabric is even more sensational. 

Saffron Craig Canberra Contemporary Craft retreat 

Chocolate and hot pink in this perfectly printed fabric.

Saffron Craig Workshop

Saffron Craig Workshop Canberra Craft Retreat

 Like minded Lisa created a fabric full of whimsy and child like motives which as you know is close to my heart. (Never to many love hearts!)

Saffron Craig Canberra Contemporary Craft Retreat

 Yes we had a fantastic day in Canberra. Time flew for us all. 

I will be back at the Canberra Contemporary Craft Retreat for 2016. 




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