Berry Quilting Retreat 2014

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Elizabeth Dubbelde of Berry Patchwork Shop and her amazing team organize an annual Quilting Retreat in Berry NSW. Liz also organises a wonderful Berry Quilt Show along with two quilting prises. With all proceeds from the Berry Quilt Show going to local children's charity.


The retreat encourages quilters from all around Australia to come together in beautiful historic Berry.


I was a tutor at this years retreat. I had a very talented and willing class, who all seemed to love taking up the challenge to create their own original fabrics from scratch. The days flew by, time was told as Elizabeth brought delicious morning tea, lunch and then afternoon tea to our pavilion.


On Sunday each student created a quilt or sewn item. 5 quilt tops were finished. They really were beautiful.


I was super busy though I managed to take a few photos with my SLR hoping to capture some moments. The individuality of each person shines in the fabrics they created. 


Saffron Craig Fabric Design Workshop Berry Retreat

Saffron Craig Fabric Design Workshop Berry Retreat

Saffron Craig Fabric Design Workshop Berry Retreat

Saffron Craig Fabric Design Workshop Berry Retreat


I enjoyed teaching enormously and was thrilled with what was created thanks to all who came along.


At the end of the two busy and stimulating days we had a show and tell in the quilt display so we could see what all the other classes with cleaver tutors had created.


It was really was a fabulous weekend. 




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Dresden plates with the Valley View fabrics for a summer quilt

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Daphny my Dutch mother-in-law sent a brilliant email this morning with pictures of her latest quilt. The quilt features Dresden plates made from my Valley View organic fabrics—it's destined to be a summer quilt getting a prime spot on Sequoia's bed. Daphny and her husband Jan will be spending the summer with us throughout January and I'm sure we will have fun finishing the quilt while she's here. 


Dresden Plates Valley View Quilt made by Daphny Visser 


Dresden Plates Valley View Quilt made by Daphny Visser


It is such a bright and happy quilt with a fantastic modern feel. I love it when traditional quilters use my modern designs and create something quite unique.


If you'd like to make a bright summer quilt like this you can still buy the Valley View fabrics right here.

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The Kiss Cushion using Organic Valley View fabrics

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This giant floor cushion is going to a magazine where it will be featured later on in the year. 

I made the cushion for myself—I like to sit on the floor to draw and sketch, you know nut out any ideas. It's actually been getting a lot of use as I am quite inspired at the moment and have been finishing off a few projects. 


The Cushion is called the Kiss Cushion can you guess why? Yes because it's got a large yellow cross which in my language is a "Kiss". 


It is inspired by the Scrappy Trip Along quilt. 


The Kit contains all the fabrics to make the Kiss Cushion as well as the instructions. 


Saffron Craig Organic Valley View floor cushion called The Kiss Cushion


 The Kiss Cushion Kit is available over here in my online shop.




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Valley View Cot sized Quilt

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This quilt was a gift for our friend Geremy for his 40th Birthday a few weeks ago. What I hear you say? A quilt for a guy? I know—but it was well received and after the big party he surprised me with a text telling me how much he loved it. You see he is expecting his first baby girl in September and he does understand the love I was giving him and his daughter.


Saffron Craig organic fabrics cot quilt

 Saffron Craig Valley View Cot Quilt organic fabrics

Saffron Craig Valley View Cot Quilt

 I really should have photographed it before I wrapped it up as a present. But with all the prep for the Craft and Quilt show I ran out of daylight and steam.

Saffron Craig Organic fabrics in a cot quiltQuilt Love is such a beautiful book written by Cassandra Ellis.This quilt was inspired by one from the book. I poured over each word and picture when I first received it.  I purchased it from my local book shop — Birkalow.

saffron craig blog


Saffron Craig blog

 Happy 40th Geremy. Can't wait for the first photo with a new born wrapped up in it.

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My Two Day Screen Printing and Sewing Workshop

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Last Weekend I held a two day workshop in the historic town of Berry on the South Coast of NSW. There was a buzz in the air surrounding all of us who came along—some even coming from interstate.

We all had such a wonderful time playing and creating. The Friday was all about screen printing our own fabric and on Saturday we were busy using our self made designs.

First I helped to develop their ideas into a motive. Playing with scale and adding to the complexity of their designs. They then decided on their colour schemes and how the motive was to be printed onto their cloth to create a repeat—most ladies were designing fabric for the very first time. There is a thrill in creating unique fabrics, which we all felt.

Saffron Craig Screen Print workshop funky pink car inspired by a child's drawing

A kid's drawing turns into fabric

Saffron Craig watching Sharon-screen- printing vintage inspired.jpg

Doilies on upcycled shirts

Saffron Craig Workshop chevron screen printed fabrics

Hand-drawn chevrons with multi coloured ink.

On Saturday, day two, we met up in the wonderful Berry Patchwork shop. We started the day discussing designs and I explained how I could see their fabrics being used in a product. Cushions, quilts and bags were designed. The unique screen printed fabrics were fussy cut, appliquéd, and naturally turned into quilts. It was great to be in the Berry Patchwork shop so that everyone could purchase fabric and supplies to complete their various projects, Liz was kept very busy.

Saffron Craig Workshop Vintage inspired designs by Sharon Thompson

Detail of Sharon Thompsons' quilt. Vintage inspired prints and upcycled shirts. Isn't it genius?


Saffron Craig Workshop Sarah created a Dachshund screen printed fabrics

Sara created a Dachshund screen print, using both a negative and positive design for her screen. Her fabric was fussy cut and pieced together with a spot she printed by dipping her fingers into the paint. She then turned her fabulous design into a cushion. I encouraged her to use blue for the first time. I thought the blue and the mustard made the design sing. I loved what Sara created.


Saffron Craig Workshop Liz from Berry Patchwork screen printed fabrics

Big congratulations to Liz for turning her drawing into a paper cut screen and printing both the positive and the negative design. Later with a bit of bossing from me she let go of one of her precious fabric motives and cut the design out and then sewed it into a bag. We shared many smiles of excitement in the group over the two days as we all enjoyed watching the designs evolve into fabrics and then into something special for a loved one. A few ladies made something for themselves for the first time in a while.

Saffron Craig Screen print workshop trees print


I loved this piece of printed fabric so much that we discussed using it as the center of a quilt instead of cutting it up. Using the complementary opposite colours we chose a border and created a quilt in one day. We even basted the quilt before the end of the day. This one will be embroidered and quilted with Pearl threads. It's so pretty don't you think?


Saffron Craig Screen printing workshop blue birds

This print of blue wrens was turned into a cushion and fluttered out of the building before I took the final picture. But imagine vintage buttons and pearle embroidery.


Saffron Craig Screen printing workshop

Cathy printing outside in the sunshine.

On a personal note, I loved teaching this workshop. It was a fantastic group of ladies who all had a great time and really helped and supported each other. Berry put on the most spectacular weather imaginable with the sun shining in a perfect autumn blue sky. I am incredibly grateful to Liz for organising the workshop and for stocking so many of my fabrics in her shop. We did discuss another workshop later in the year.

If you are interested please give Liz a call and we will organise some dates (02) 4464 3387.

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Visit me at the Berry Quilts Exhibition and support the Red Berry Quilters

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I'm invited to participate in next week's Berry Quilters' Exhibition run by Elizabeth Dubbelde of the gorgeous patchwork shop Berry Patchwork. 

I will have a table showcasing my three organic fabric ranges (including the brand new Valley View) all weekend in the Berry School of Arts.

The beautiful heritage building that houses the Berry School of Arts is located in Alexandra Street, Berry just off the main street.

The exhibition is open to the public on Friday 3, Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 of May from 9.30am to 4pm each day. Opening night will be held on Friday 3 May commencing at 7.00pm.

I hope that if you are close enough to the historical town of Berry on the NSW South Coast you will visit us.

The exhibition showcases stunning works by local quilters. A very talented guild indeed.

Proceeds from this show will be donated to Noah’s Ark Children’s Services in Nowra. The Red Berry Quilters are keen to encourage and promote the love of quilting and sewing in the local community–especially with the local children.

I am also excited to be catching up with good friends—the lovely and talented Sharon has offered me a room in her home for the weekend, which is so generous of her.

Sharon and her family live on a stunning farm, so in between days of the exhibition I will be breathing in some country air—revelling in the landscape sprinkled with sheep and cows, talking with her family and most importantly chatting patchwork for a few days.

I am really looking forward to seeing you there if you can make it.

Saffron Craig's creative space showing Organic Valley View Fabrics

Only a few days to go now. So excited. Hoot hoot!

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Kate Conklin's—New Patchwork Quilt Tutorial with Banksia Bloom fabrics

Posted on April 05, 2013 by Saffron Craig | 2 comments

I wanted to share with you all Kate Conklin's lastest quilt featuring my Banksia Bloom fabrics. I sent Kate a 50cm bundle of all 8 designs a few months ago, as I was so excited to see what she would be inspired to sew.  

Frequency is the name of the quilt Kate has created with the "Kookaburra" farbics. I think that it is just stunning. Do you?

Kate has kindly written a tutorial, so now you can create your very own version of this quilt!

Yes—It's now on my to do list. It's a must for me. 



Please pop over to Kate's blog to read more about her new quilt. 

Banksia Bloom fabrics available in my online shop.


I hope that you all have a lovely weekend. Tomorrow I am going to a wedding in a huge big church—so excited.

I really do have so much sewing to do this weekend, hopefully I get to sew all the things I want to and then photographed them as well.

I have so much to show you next week. Can't wait. 

So until then.

Oh yes, I have a new blog system now, so please leave me a comment!

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Friday Finds—Jacki Lawson's quilt

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Jackie Lawson is from the beautiful state of WA and earlier this week Jackie kindly emailed me a picture of her fabulous quilt. 

She has used a combination of fabrics from many of my fabric ranges to create this stunning quilt. I am particularly loving the stripe around the border. 

Saffron Craig Organic fabrics—Jacki Lawson's quilt

Thanks so much Jackie for making this his wonderful quilt with my fabrics. The design and colours are so pretty. 


I hope that it inspires you as well. Please feel free to pin this picture. 


If you have any projects you are working on that you would like to share then please send me an email. It absolutely makes my day to see what you are sewing. 



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Kookaburra Quilt

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A while back I made a wall hanging with the Kookaburra's. I thought I would share it with you today. It's a simple quilt using large rectangles of the range sewn together. 

The wall hanging is hand quilted in Pearle thread. I really enjoyed making this wall hanging as it was the first thing I sewed when the bolts arrived. Blogging about it today brings back those fantastic memories of the new range arriving, how wonderful the fabrics had been printed and how all the thinking that went into designing this range worked out in the end. I would not change a thing about this range. Which must be a good thing.

February is well and truly here now. School has gone back, my daughter is happy and skipping to school excitedly. For me  the holiday vibe has stopped and it's all about answering emails and booking up dates for exhibitions, markets and workshops throughout the year. I have dates booked in for October already. This year I will be teaching and going to a few of the big shows. More design work is on the cards and I am ready for a change somehow. Just keeping my ears open for what it will be. A new studio space would be nice.

With me sitting at my desk and having my thoughts to myself  I have been inspired to finish a new range for Fern Textiles. I have three ranges planned for this year. Which I will show to you as soon as I can. It's all pretty exciting stuff for me. 

Banksia Bloom Organic quilt by Saffron Craig 2013




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Single Bed Kookaburra quilt by Robin Evans

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A few days ago I received this photo of a stunning Kookaburra quilt made by Robin of "Patchwork on Pittwater" in Mona Vale.

I saw the beginnings of this quilt while visiting Robin as she started cutting my Banksia Bloom range into wide pieces using the entire width of each fabrics as stripes.

Together we tried a few different layouts of the 8 fabrics in the range, until Robin decided on it's final layout. To me the quilt look wonderful. I really love these full patterned quilts. 

Since I last saw the quilt Robyn has added a small border of orange, which brings out the orange in the Kookaburra River, and then the outside border which uses the Banksia Weave fabric. Doesn't it look great.

Robin facebooked me the picture of the finished Kookaburra top, which is now being quilted. She decided to  use the Kookaburra River to back the quilt, in that way she will have a double quilt. 

I thought Robin's quilt might inspire you. She really enjoyed creating it and is very happy to share the image. 

The Kookaburra quilt has received enthusiastic comments here. It is quite a fun, fast and easy quilting project. 

Oh yes, now my sister has asked me to sew one for her son's king single bed. Sometimes I wish I could close my eyes and say "hey presto" and the project would manifest itself! Wouldn't that be awesome. Though there is much to be said about the pleasure in the creating and the designing of which I am sure you can all agree.

Saffron Craig Kookaburra Quilt made by Robin Evans


Big thanks to you Robin Evans.


  If you have anything you would like to share with my readers then please contact me here. 

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