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I'm Back! It’s been a while since I blogged...12 months. I’ve missed blogging! Especially being able to communicate with like minded people. Thanks to those of you who encouraged me with emails and texts and other words of inspiration to get me back into blogging. I've got loads to share so better get over my shyness. 

Last weekend we drove down to The Canberra Contemporary Craft Retreat. I was there last year and it was awesome to go again. I had a workshop full of talented and enthusiastic students who created sensational fabrics. All so very different! 

It was great to escape Sydney as Canberra is just so beautiful this time of the year, the bush was yellow with wattle. Beautiful. 

It was great to see an Owl pop up in my class, I'm still very fond of Owls. This one is in turquoise and I think it has a lot of attitude with the buttons and bowtie.

 Saffron Craig Canberra Contemporary Retreat

 Ocean elements and colours in this fabulous print. Destined as placemats and a table runner. In the real this like most this fabric is even more sensational. 

Saffron Craig Canberra Contemporary Craft retreat 

Chocolate and hot pink in this perfectly printed fabric.

Saffron Craig Workshop

Saffron Craig Workshop Canberra Craft Retreat

 Like minded Lisa created a fabric full of whimsy and child like motives which as you know is close to my heart. (Never to many love hearts!)

Saffron Craig Canberra Contemporary Craft Retreat

 Yes we had a fantastic day in Canberra. Time flew for us all. 

I will be back at the Canberra Contemporary Craft Retreat for 2016. 




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Children's Workshop - How To Sew A Softie

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Recently I taught 25 children, a few adults and a grandparent to hand sew. Concentration was high for all the children and there was much excitement as each step was taken and concluded. Cutting the softie panels out. Sewing them together by hand with a sharp needle and white tread which was rethreaded at least three times per softie, each child managed this easily. Then the joy of turning them inside out and stuffing them. Sewing the softies closed was tricky for most and I had a queue of children asking for help.

Their was the odd hole where the hand sewn stitches were a bit large and the stuffing oozed out (which cracked me up). But nothing a few quick stitches wouldn't fix.

Every child left with a softie and a massive smile. Most gave them a cute name and a cuddle. As I was super busy I asked my daughter to take some pictures on my phone.

You may be surprised, but children are excellent at sewing. I would encourage you to teach a child to sew. 

 Saffron Craig Children's Sewing a Softie workshop

Saffron Craig Children's Sewing a Softie workshop

Saffron Craig Children's Sewing a Softie workshop

Saffron Craig Children's Sewing a Softie workshop

Saffron Craig Children's Sewing a Softie workshop



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Berry Weekend Workshop Fabric design and Sewing

Posted on October 05, 2013 by Saffron Craig | 4 comments

As a teacher every workshop turns into something special for me. Last weekend I had a  group of very talented people who were open to inspiration. 

Below are a few of the design stories of those who came along. 


Tracy's House quilt

When I asked Tracy what her expectations were for the 2 day workshop she replied "make a softie."

Tracy had asked her daughter to do a drawing for her in the morning an hour before the workshop started. When we looked at the drawing I got very excited. We chose a few elements from the drawing to turn into a fabric design. Tracy cut three screens on Saturday. Creating two versions of the house, capturing the sketchy feel of the house and then a more solid version. The colours were her daughters favourite—violet and hot pink on natural linen. 

Saffron Craig 2 day Workshop fabric design and Sewing in Berry 2013

Saffron Craig 2 day Workshop fabric design and Sewing in Berry Patchwork shop 2013

Saffron Craig 2 day Workshop fabric design and Sewing in Berry 2013

On Sunday I encouraged Tracy to cut into her beautiful fabric, which is always a challenge. Together we turned it into a king single quilt. Tracy cut and sewed all day, making decisions for fabrics to combine with her prints. Lucky for us Liz's Berry Patchwork shop is full of tempting fabrics.

After this effort sewing a softie will be a breeze. I have a feeling this quilt will become a family treasure. 

Saffron Craig 2 day Workshop fabric design and Sewing in Berry 2013

Jo's first hand-printed top

Jo picked a design from her sketchbook that's brimming with ideas. They translated so well into paper cuts and were great to print. The fabric was cut into a large tote later that evening. 

Saffron Craig 2 day Workshop fabric design and Sewing in Berry 2013

Saffron Craig 2 day Workshop fabric design and Sewing in Berry 2013

From the second design we made a top—a first for her! We all loved the colours and shape and the binding gives it a modern feeling. 

Saffron Craig 2 day Workshop fabric design and Sewing in Berry 2013

Kathy's new outfit

Kathy's pattern was screen printed in two colours, a lovely lavender and charcoal, and then hand painted over the top creating a fun design.

Saffron Craig 2 day Workshop fabric design and Sewing in Berry 2013

On Sunday her beautiful fabric became a one of a kind top with a matching clutch.

Saffron Craig 2 day Workshop fabric design and Sewing in Berry 2013

Saffron Craig 2 day Workshop fabric design and Sewing in Berry 2013

Liz's Christmas Fabric

Liz was thinking ahead and printed  three variations of Christmas trees in red and charcoal. On the Sunday Liz turned it into a table runner for her Christmas table. I can just see some tea lights and holly decorations.

Saffron Craig 2 day Workshop fabric design and Sewing in Berry 2013


Inspired Sally

Sally was open to free her creativity on both days. She came along with no idea of what she would design or make. And this is the kind of challenge I thrive on.

By the end of Saturday she had printed three meters of fabric and by Sunday had all but finished the top of a quilt, with a big smile on her face for the entire two days. Sally was still sewing when I was driving up the highway. And her thank you note the next day really touched me.

Saffron Craig 2 day Workshop fabric design and Sewing in Berry 2013


Thanks to Liz who hosted this event. We all had a ball. I was thrilled with the creations. 


If you'd like to join one of my inspiring workshops you can book a spot over here.


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Sew Giving sews a Bubble Dress with Valley View Traingles

Posted on August 01, 2013 by Saffron Craig | 2 comments

Isn't this the funkiest girls dress sewn by Sew Giving? It is made using the Organic Triangles fabric from Valley View.

Sew Giving was inspired to start sewing when she wanted to sew for her two young daughters. She sews to give away which is how she came to name her fabulous personal blog.

In her blog post on making the dress for her daughter, she mentioned that the triangles look like snow capped mountain peaks! After my stints of living in Switzerland I was pleased to note that those snowcapped Alps have come through subconsciously. Either that or my endless day dreaming about skiing on snow capped mountains. 

The pattern of the Bubble Dress is found over here at Straight Grain with a fabulous tutorial on how to make the dress. I remember having a Bubble Dress as a child and skipping around in it feeling so very lucky and such a fashionista.

If you are a children's wear sewer/designer you might be interested to take part in the Flip Sew along which is run by sisters on their blog Frances and Suzanne. It is a monthly sew along that has been sewing since May. You may not have heard about it so I thought I would share it with you. There is a lot of great inspiration to be found on their blog as well as on their pinterest pages.


Sew Giving Dress sewn using Valley View Triangles fabric in black


Thanks for blogging about your lovely dress Sew Giving.  I so want to sew one too.  

Valley View Triangle fabric is for sale here 

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Buttercup Bags sewn with the Organic Valley View Fabrics

Posted on July 23, 2013 by Saffron Craig | 3 comments

The Buttercup bag is a sweet bag. It holds my purse, phone and lipstick which is all I need for a night out.

It's quite easy to make and sew. 

Valley View fabrics 100% Organic with the Traingles


I made a couple of extra bags, which I will give to my friends as presents. I intend to make a bigger version by scaling up the pattern.


Chevron by Saffron Craig


Valley View fabrics 100% Organic with the Traingles


Valley View fabrics 100% Organic fabrics


 The fabrics which I used in the bags are available over here. 


The Buttercup pattern is Made-By-Rae and can be found here.  


What have you been sewing lately? Do you have any great bag patterns to share?


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Learn a new skill - join one of my workshops

Posted on June 19, 2013 by Saffron Craig | 0 comments

I've discovered a new passion—teaching workshops. This year I've conducted a number of screen printing, craft, design and sewing workshops and it's rewarding and inspiring, for both me and the participants.

So, if you're interested in joining a workshop, or even hosting one if you have a shop, a group of friends, etc., then please let me know here and I'll be in touch with dates and venues.

My workshops are inspiring, well structured and lots of fun. You will learn new skills and go home with a beautiful hand-made object you can be proud of.

  • Screen printing & fabric design
  • Sewing & quilting
  • Painting & drawing
  • Custom workshops
  • Mentoring

I'm currently planning my schedule for the remainder of 2013 and beginning of 2014. I am happy to travel to you. 

Please fill in the form by clicking here if you;

  • would like to participate in a day of inspiring hand-made fun
  • would you like me to host a workshop in your shop or venue for your customers
  • are a group/individual and would like me to teach you.


Saffron Craig Screen printing workshops


Saffron Craig Sewing workshop


I also hold workshops with children making their own softie panel. It teaches them cutting, sewing and creating something by hand.


Screen printing with children.


Saffron Craig Workshop over 8 screen printing



I hope to meet you soon at one of these workshops! 


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My Two Day Screen Printing and Sewing Workshop

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Last Weekend I held a two day workshop in the historic town of Berry on the South Coast of NSW. There was a buzz in the air surrounding all of us who came along—some even coming from interstate.

We all had such a wonderful time playing and creating. The Friday was all about screen printing our own fabric and on Saturday we were busy using our self made designs.

First I helped to develop their ideas into a motive. Playing with scale and adding to the complexity of their designs. They then decided on their colour schemes and how the motive was to be printed onto their cloth to create a repeat—most ladies were designing fabric for the very first time. There is a thrill in creating unique fabrics, which we all felt.

Saffron Craig Screen Print workshop funky pink car inspired by a child's drawing

A kid's drawing turns into fabric

Saffron Craig watching Sharon-screen- printing vintage inspired.jpg

Doilies on upcycled shirts

Saffron Craig Workshop chevron screen printed fabrics

Hand-drawn chevrons with multi coloured ink.

On Saturday, day two, we met up in the wonderful Berry Patchwork shop. We started the day discussing designs and I explained how I could see their fabrics being used in a product. Cushions, quilts and bags were designed. The unique screen printed fabrics were fussy cut, appliquéd, and naturally turned into quilts. It was great to be in the Berry Patchwork shop so that everyone could purchase fabric and supplies to complete their various projects, Liz was kept very busy.

Saffron Craig Workshop Vintage inspired designs by Sharon Thompson

Detail of Sharon Thompsons' quilt. Vintage inspired prints and upcycled shirts. Isn't it genius?


Saffron Craig Workshop Sarah created a Dachshund screen printed fabrics

Sara created a Dachshund screen print, using both a negative and positive design for her screen. Her fabric was fussy cut and pieced together with a spot she printed by dipping her fingers into the paint. She then turned her fabulous design into a cushion. I encouraged her to use blue for the first time. I thought the blue and the mustard made the design sing. I loved what Sara created.


Saffron Craig Workshop Liz from Berry Patchwork screen printed fabrics

Big congratulations to Liz for turning her drawing into a paper cut screen and printing both the positive and the negative design. Later with a bit of bossing from me she let go of one of her precious fabric motives and cut the design out and then sewed it into a bag. We shared many smiles of excitement in the group over the two days as we all enjoyed watching the designs evolve into fabrics and then into something special for a loved one. A few ladies made something for themselves for the first time in a while.

Saffron Craig Screen print workshop trees print


I loved this piece of printed fabric so much that we discussed using it as the center of a quilt instead of cutting it up. Using the complementary opposite colours we chose a border and created a quilt in one day. We even basted the quilt before the end of the day. This one will be embroidered and quilted with Pearl threads. It's so pretty don't you think?


Saffron Craig Screen printing workshop blue birds

This print of blue wrens was turned into a cushion and fluttered out of the building before I took the final picture. But imagine vintage buttons and pearle embroidery.


Saffron Craig Screen printing workshop

Cathy printing outside in the sunshine.

On a personal note, I loved teaching this workshop. It was a fantastic group of ladies who all had a great time and really helped and supported each other. Berry put on the most spectacular weather imaginable with the sun shining in a perfect autumn blue sky. I am incredibly grateful to Liz for organising the workshop and for stocking so many of my fabrics in her shop. We did discuss another workshop later in the year.

If you are interested please give Liz a call and we will organise some dates (02) 4464 3387.

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Making Rainbow coloured pom poms

Posted on May 06, 2013 by Saffron Craig | 2 comments

Pom poms are so much fun to make. Especially if you notice the joy radiate from the person who is making one for the very first time. The colour, texture, softness and shape of a pom pom are all so perfect. 



Saffron Craig Rainbow coloured Pom Poms

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