AQC Tutor Saffron Craig—APRIL 20 – 23, 2017

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The AQC tutors have been announced. Paula Storm, Michelle Marvig, Sonya, Emma Jean Jansen, Luke Haynes and more.

I have also been invited to tutor at the AQC in April 2017. I will teach four separate day-long classes that can also be combined into 4 days. In this way, you can enjoy the entire AQC with me. Especially great if you wish to create and make an art quilt at the end you can participate in them all. 

Bookings are open now right here. 

APRIL 20 – 23, 2017

Royal Exhibition Building
Carlton Gardens, Melbourne
Thursday –– Sunday • 10am –– 4.30pm

Saffron Craig Art Quilt


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Adelaide Quilt and Craft Show 3-6th of November 2016

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I'm running twice daily workshops in the upcoming Adelaide Quilt and Craft Show November 2016.

Please come and join us for a creative morning of screen printing on fabric.

Or an afternoon learning how to hand paint onto fabric. Both workshops are a lot of fun. I have loads of tips and tricks to share with you. Details are here.


Booking is simply a click away. 


Saffron Craig Brisbane WorkshopSaffron Craig Brisbane Workshop



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Melbourne- Teaching- Adventuring-Learning

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I've just returned from five days in Melbourne, teaching back to back workshops. I was thrilled to share some of my knowledge with like minded ladies, as well as be inspired by the many fabrics designs both hand printed and hand painted onto fabric.

Today as I am recapping my journey in Melbourne. I was so lucky to have enthusiastic works experience girls from RMIT help me out daily. I'm so grateful for their help. Teagan even brought me lunch every day. (I know amazing right!)

The calm and creative attitude of Melbournites had me wanting to move there. 

Yes, Melbourne was a very special time for me. Thanks fully I have been asked to teach with other studio spaces in Melbourne so I will be back again this year.

Here are a few of my favourite pictures snapped on our phones over the five days. 

Saffron Craig Workshop Melbourne



Saffron Craig Melbourne workshops

I've got the travel bug badly— now I want to travel even more. So Canberra here I come. Followed by Brisbane, and Adelaide. 







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Planet Hopping.

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Little Girl On Top Of The World

Traveling, planet hopping while nonchalant playing with a hoola hoop. 

I'm stitching away and thinking thoughts of all the things I want to do when I grow up. 

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Embroidery Over My Hand Painting

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Here is an example of some of my new work, which is stitching itself to become a new body of work for me.  I'm combining all the ideas I've been experimenting with over the past 12 months. Hand embroidering colourful stitches, over some of my hand painted linen, adding another dimensional layer.  I like the direction these works are going and my embroidery is getting more interesting. 

Winter is a good time to stitch as it's nice to be indoors, it really is bitterly cold in Sydney. I've been listening to loads of podcasts and Netflix. 

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Art Clothing

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On my web browsing I came across Spanish fashion label Armuseli who work with artists to create beautiful clothing. I'm in love with this dress. 

Art made into fashion with the artist´s signature and a history to tell.




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Moving Again

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For the third time in three years we find ourselves moving.

Again we spent a month or more packing everything we own into boxes, culling as we went, so many boxes were filled up.

Cleaning both ends as we go. It's exhausting and so frustrating.

My studio is a work in progress. Moving takes me away from being creative and I have little time to think let alone daydream as I have to make micro decisions every minute. 

The removalists knocked down the huge tree in our front yard, covering my car with it's once alive and flourishing branches. 

The new place has a great feel. I can see the moon and last night it was particularly beautiful—tiny like a baby's broken finger nail.

The new house stood up to the storm yes it has no leaks and yes we did wake up all night due to the heavy drilling rain in the worst storms Sydney has seen. 

So onwards to getting organised and finding the time to paint. 


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Soul Safari

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Soul Safari was so so good. I want to time travel back and listen to those amazing creatives all over again.

The bottom line is they work really hard are super dedicated and know in their heart of hearts what they do is good. 

Vanessa Holden and Ken Done.  Above Beci Orpin. 

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My Perth Journey

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I am in Perth. Wow. What a journey. I will be back next week and write about it a bit more. I've never spent time in this city and it's a pleasure getting to know you. Some ladies I have met have driven for 700km to be at the Quilt and Craft Show. 

Lucky me I sold this painting to a Perth local. Thanks Bec for buying it. 

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