Wonderful Bags by Melisa Jane Handmade

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Have you seen the wonderful creations of Melisa McCarthy? I have bought three bags from her in as many months. Which I can show you now as my friends now have their gifts.

Melisa has been sewing on and off for 15 years but only seriously in the last 3 years.

She loves working with a wide range of fabrics and patterns and enjoys making bags, clothing for ladies and children. 

The label Melisa Jane was born in March 2012 and is coming up for the first birthday. YAY!

Melisa is in her early 30's married with 2 young boys (nearly 5 and 2.5years). Always an exciting time.  She works from home  living in a small village just outside of Canberra.

Melisa will take custom orders but only in limited numbers. She generally does a call out on her facebook page once a month for orders. She also holds sales on her fb page every couple of months. The last one saw the bags sell out very quickly. 

Here are a few bags Melisa has made with the Kookaburra fabrics as they are being affectionately called. Thanks for the pictures Melisa.

Melisa Jane with Saffron Craig Organic fabrics


Melisa Jane with Saffron Craig Organic fabrics


Melisa can be found on  facebook as Melisa Jane Handmade.

In progress is her website ( Hubby has just got to find the time to to finish it. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy every minute of it. 

Please keep on emailing me with what you are sewing/creating! 

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New funky Kookaburra Softies now available

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My new Kookaburra Softies are available now! (sold out)

There are four Kookaburra Softies in total in bright, happy contrasting colours filled with bold patterns. 
So you can choose your favourite. 

The set of four seems to be the favourite and is the best selling item in my online shop to date. Which is great because that means you like them all (phew)!


Saffron Craig Kookaburra Softie make your own in bright happy colours.

Saffron Craig Kookaburra Softie make your own in bright happy colours.


I have them all over my house laughing and happy being played with on this very wet, stormy summer's day.


They are super easy to sew and stuff and make a great crafting project or present. Make sure you fill up the beaks with loads of stuffing! 


They are digitally printed onto poplin cotton.

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Single Bed Kookaburra quilt by Robin Evans

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A few days ago I received this photo of a stunning Kookaburra quilt made by Robin of "Patchwork on Pittwater" in Mona Vale.

I saw the beginnings of this quilt while visiting Robin as she started cutting my Banksia Bloom range into wide pieces using the entire width of each fabrics as stripes.

Together we tried a few different layouts of the 8 fabrics in the range, until Robin decided on it's final layout. To me the quilt look wonderful. I really love these full patterned quilts. 

Since I last saw the quilt Robyn has added a small border of orange, which brings out the orange in the Kookaburra River, and then the outside border which uses the Banksia Weave fabric. Doesn't it look great.

Robin facebooked me the picture of the finished Kookaburra top, which is now being quilted. She decided to  use the Kookaburra River to back the quilt, in that way she will have a double quilt. 

I thought Robin's quilt might inspire you. She really enjoyed creating it and is very happy to share the image. 

The Kookaburra quilt has received enthusiastic comments here. It is quite a fun, fast and easy quilting project. 

Oh yes, now my sister has asked me to sew one for her son's king single bed. Sometimes I wish I could close my eyes and say "hey presto" and the project would manifest itself! Wouldn't that be awesome. Though there is much to be said about the pleasure in the creating and the designing of which I am sure you can all agree.

Saffron Craig Kookaburra Quilt made by Robin Evans


Big thanks to you Robin Evans.


  If you have anything you would like to share with my readers then please contact me here. 

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Scrappy Trip Along

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Inspiration grabbed me while Instagraming. The photographs of the Scrappy Trip Along, which so many of my instagram friends were making, looked so interesting as they were creating fun full patterned quilts. I just had to have one as well!  Sheepishly I started cutting with no thought about the end result, I just sewed strips together and it felt good. 

Scrappy Trip Along with Saffron Craig Organic Fabrics

I thought I would start with creating blocks for a baby sized quilt but I loved constructing the quilt so much I kept on making more blocks and so the quilt is still growing. I am now planning to make a throw for my couch. (Well that is my aim, bit tricky with Summer school holidays.)

This is half the quilt. I am trying to keep the dark blue squares in the same place to create pattern. 

Scrappy Trip Along with Saffron Craig Organic Fabrics

Here is the original inspiration from I'm a Ginger Monkey's quilt.

Gone Aussie quilting is about to quilt hers.

Red Pepper quilts has finished hers

Quiltville has kindly written up the tutorial on how to make this quilt. If you are keen to make something random and a lot of fun–and yes use up all your favourite fabrics, you know the ones you love and have stashed for a while–then it is a fun quilt to make for sure. 


Scrappy Trip Along with Saffron Craig Organic Fabrics

I have been adding all my fabrics to this quilt and watch as it grows with fascination. All the fabrics that are not my own designs I purchased from Patchwork on Pittwater in Mona Vale.

The Instagram hash tag is #scrappytripalong. So you can share what you are sewing by adding the tag. 

The flicker group has 822 members and offers ohh so much inspiration. 


More sewing and photographing for me. 


Happy days.

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Tassie bush fire appeal - send gifts for children who need some love

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I have sewn up a few wombat softies for children who have lost every possession in the Tassie bush fires. I have had personal experience with bush fires and the damage they cause so I am only to happy to send them to my customer Jess who lives in Tasmania and  is collecting finished quilts and quilt tops. 

Jess has also kindly offered to quilt this quilt top for me and pass it on to one of the families. Yes I have included the backing fabric. 


Tassie bush fire appeal  Saffron Craig Softies


If you'd like to help please contact Jess via her blog here.



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Highlights of 2012 - what a year it was

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Our Christmas was fantastic. I hope yours was as well.  It is nearly the end of 2012 and decided to write about the highlights for the past 12 months, a recap of sorts. What a year it has been. 

January: Imaginary Flowers quilt in the Australian Patchwork and quilting Magazine. 


Saffron Craig Press Quilt in the APQ


February: Better Homes and Gardens Owl Tree Quilt Kit. 



March: My first illustrated childrens e-book. 


Saffron Craig Illustrated Children's book


Magical Lands quilt on Red Pepper Quilts. Quilt sewn by Rita.


Saffron Craig fabrics in quilt by Red Pepper


April: Owl Softies were reprinted for the 5th year in a row. I originally designed these panels to encourage young children to sew and now I am meeting many 8 year olds who read my blog because of them. 


Saffron Craig brightly coloured Owl Softies




Best Dress in Magical Lands was featured on You Sew Girl. It is a wonderful new dress pattern. Nikki later gifted me this dress and my daughter has worn it non stop. It is a perfect fit. 

Saffron Craig's Magical Lands sewn into Best Dress


Cherry Woods is sewn in to this great hat by You Sew Girl. 


Saffron Craig Cherry Woods fabric Hat by YOu Sew Girl


May: My lego sculpture started its tour of Australia. Months perviously I had been chosen as one of six designers to create a design for Lego. A huge honour for me. 

Saffron Craig Lego Sculpture 

June in the press.


Saffron Craig Lego Sculpture




Embroidery panels.

Saffron Craig embroidery panel

Saffron Craig embroidery panel



I attended Sydney's Craft Fair for the 5th time, a huge event. Big thanks again to Amy Gunson for your support.

Arrival of the Wombat Adventure quilt kit featuring my favourite illustrated pages from the Willy and Magical Night Lands.

Saffron Craig Sydney's craft fair


Saffron Craig Wombat panels



My fabrics are featured on Quilt Story


Saffron Craig Fabrics are featured on Quilt Story 

July: My first GOTS approved organic fabric range arrives, the Wombat Wonderland range. Featuring my favourite Australian marsupial the Wombat. 

Saffron Craig Wombat Wonderland 100% GOTS approved Organic fabrics a range of 8 designs


Saffron Craig Wombat Wonderland 100% GOTS approved Organic fabrics a range of 8 designs



September: International Blog tour with The Wombat Wonderland fabrics.



Teaching screen printing workshops and showing young ones how to create fabric. 


Saffron Craig workshop



Teaching young ones how to sew.



 October: Wombat In my Garden Quilt made by Daphny Visser


Saffron Craig fabric quilt by  


November: Banksia Bloom, my second range of organic fabric arrived. The range features Kookaburras and the iconic Banksia all to the highest standard of environmental printing and manufacturing. 


Saffron Craig Banksia Bloom 100% Organic fabrics


Saffron Craig Banksia Bloom 100% Organic fabrics

Saffron Craig Banksia Bloom 100% Organic fabrics

Saffron Craig Banksia Bloom 100% Organic fabrics


Softies for Mirabel - cuddly gifts for children in need. 

December: Sewing and creating as it's the month of giving.


 Saffron Craig Banksia Bloom 100% Organic fabrics


Thanks to you all for your support this year. 

I look forward to 2013 and all that unfolds for me. I hope that you are writing your dream list and that it's a big one. 

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