Collage—Visiting Perth WA

Posted on May 14, 2016 by Saffron Craig | 0 comments
My journey to Perth is only a few days away now. Are you going to come and say hello? I hope you do—that is if you are local. My sister is driving up from Margaret River to catch up with me. How nice is that!
As part of being the guest artist at the Perth Quilt and Craft Fair I have 9 meters of wall space on which I can display my artworks.
This week I have been in my studio so much! I've been inspired to create collages from the narratives spinning around in my head. Starting with my watercolours I have cut up photographs and pieces of paper to glue together. The stories are now alive in the real world. 
The art works are called
The Lone Rider
Rainbow Dreaming

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Collages My Personal Visual Stories

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Thinking about my life at the moment I've happily created these collages which visually illustrate the stories in my mind. Using the beautiful Joan Collins and depicting the movie stars of the 50ies.

Dissatisfaction. One about ageing. The older me sees the younger me and doesn't want to age, the younger me is excited to think in the future she will have a child the other the older her will travel. The paradox is that of dissatisfaction

Boy. The beautiful boy child soundly sleeping, the delicate luxury of sleeping of placing his head whenever it feels too heavy to hold.

Reckless Abandon. Contemplating the wonderful day that we got married, fun, dancing, being at the beginning of our lives and not knowing how luxurious that is. The bliss of being together, whirling around with reckless abandon.



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Perth Craft and Quilt Fair 18-22nd of May

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Perth here I come! I'm truly excited to be invited as the guest artist at the upcoming Perth Craft and Quilt Show in May, which is only a few weeks away. 

For the five days of The Perth Craft and Quilt Fair I will be teaching daily workshops.

Screen Printing and Fabric Design from 10 to noon and Hand Painting Fabric from 1-2pm.

Please pop by my booth to say hello, as I would be so happy to chat to you about your work maybe inspire you to learn a new technique!

While there I am going to show my current original work and demonstrating in my workshops. I will have fabric to sell and I yes I will have my new art work on display. 

If you fancy coming along to one of my workshops while I'm in Perth I can take your booking here.  

Places are limited. 

This is a picture of me at my exhibition opening last month.

Students in my workshop in Sydney this Year. 

The Show, Perth Craft and Quilt Fair, looks like it is packed with interesting stuff. 

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Commission Painting—Pink Flowers and Mice for Sophie

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I was commissioned to do a painting for a little girls room. Which is every artists dream—Right!

The request for the commission was based around an existing painting of mine (which I have placed at the bottom of this post.)

We chose the size of the canvas to fit the room. Then with one simple request—please change the sky to pale pink or white. 

It took me a week to get the painting to a place where I loved it, layering and adding texture and colours. When it was nearly finished I suggested that I should add an animal. I decided on a mouse as Sophie has a pet mouse I thought that the mice might make Sophie happy! And it did. All the feed back has been positive it did make Sophie and her family happy. The painting is now the view in her bedroom. 

It's quite astonishing to me how much one painting can change a previously white walled bedroom.   


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In My Brothers Tinnie

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It feels like every day this summer I am in the water swimming. Mostly in the harbour as the beach is closed to due to sharks, bluebottles and huge swell. 

I"m still playing with my style, so I'm happy to experiment and try new things. Originally this painting was so busy, densely patterned and very colourful. It wasn't quite pleasing to my eye—as my mum is fond of saying. So I put the painting out of my mind for a few months.

Today I kind of took a step back and looked at it with a critical eye, yes there were parts I loved and others were ho hum.

As I stared at the painting I imagined I was with my brother zooming around Sydney Harbour in his tiny tin boat. This feeling created the water. I realised it was capturing Sydney Harbour. I left small islands of pattern in the painting which were the sections from the first painting I liked and wanted to keep and draw attention to. 

Now I feel ok about it. It's got a special story.

It's called in My Brothers Tinnie. 


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