In My Brothers Tinnie

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It feels like every day this summer I am in the water swimming. Mostly in the harbour as the beach is closed to due to sharks, bluebottles and huge swell. 

I"m still playing with my style, so I'm happy to experiment and try new things. Originally this painting was so busy, densely patterned and very colourful. It wasn't quite pleasing to my eye—as my mum is fond of saying. So I put the painting out of my mind for a few months.

Today I kind of took a step back and looked at it with a critical eye, yes there were parts I loved and others were ho hum.

As I stared at the painting I imagined I was with my brother zooming around Sydney Harbour in his tiny tin boat. This feeling created the water. I realised it was capturing Sydney Harbour. I left small islands of pattern in the painting which were the sections from the first painting I liked and wanted to keep and draw attention to. 

Now I feel ok about it. It's got a special story.

It's called in My Brothers Tinnie. 


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Children's After School Art Class—Term 2 2016

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In Saffron’s Art Classes Children will explore self expression through art.

Covering topics like


Figure both animals and human form,





Screen Printing,

Drawing from life.

Saffrons Workshops are fun, inspiring and full of creativity.

DateTerm 2: Monday May the 2nd - Monday the 27th of July.

Time;  Monday Afternoon 3.15-4.15.

Location; Saffron Craig's Studio Moore Street Clontarf.

Limited to Six students.

Cost; $225.00 for the term. ($25.00/ per week) All materials included.

Book here


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Exhibition at Platform72—Fresh Batch #2

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This weekend I am part of a group Exhibition at Platform72. Which is a great start to the year for me!

I will have quite a lot of paintings in the exhibition all of which are for sale!
The exhibition is called Fresh Batch #2

Date and Time—20 February 1-3pm

Address—62 Atchison Street, St Leonards

11 new artists.
And yippee I am one of them.

Maybe you can pop along or let a friend know.



More details over here. 

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Sydney Stitches and Craft Show Rosehill March 3 - 6, 2016

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This year I have been invited to teach two workshops at the Stitches and Craft Show in Rose Hill. This is a new section of the show and I'm thrilled to be invited.

I will have two three hour workshops. The first on Saturday which is my popular Screen Printing & Fabric Design Workshop and on Sunday my New Hand Painting Fabric Workshop where I share all the exciting tips and tricks that I am learning in my daily studio practice.

Bookings are available via Sydney Stitches and Craft Show Rosehill website  You can book here. 

I've also been invited to run my workshops in Newcastle later on in the year August 18 – 21, 2016.

It would be lovely if you could make it. 



You can book here. 

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New Workshops

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I am excited to introduce you to a new workshop that I am teaching. 

In this workshop I will show you how to paint on fabric and then embroider your works with lovely colourful treads.  This is perfect to create your own embroidered masterpiece or to add that finishing touch to a craft or sewing project, you will be stitching beautifully in no time.

Bookings are just a click away. 

Please do come along to meet like minded people and have a day of creativity. My workshops are fun and inspiring. Suitable for all levels. You will leave with new techniques.

The price includes the use of my equipment, ink and fabric and embroidery threads.

If you have a group of friends and would like to host this workshop please contact me so we can arrange a date.

Date; Saturday 12th of March 2016

Time; 10am to 1pm

Location; Saffron Sydney Studio Clontarf NSW.


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My Current Project Building My Home In An Eco Village

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Eco Friendly Housing—we've been involved with a project for about three years. Essentially the project is an idea that we can create an Eco Village in a large Valley North of Sydney. 

At present my family and a few other close friends with their families are involved which is cool. The project currently has 120 people or families, others are single ladies.

Together we are creating a community of like minded people. We are all working together in the valley, clearing the old trees, turning them into mulch, lots of weeding, and the odd demolishing of old buildings that are unusable. 

Still it's a while away before we build. Bridges need to be be built, roads as well. There are lots of meetings to discuss how we create it, how it will look and feel. What will we call the streets?

In my own time I'm planing on what I will build. Yay for Pinterest!

We are building in the first stage and another 100 houses will be built in the second stage. We all want to create sustainable housing, leaving large amounts of green space to grow food and to enjoy for pleasure. Yes we all plan to live off the grid. Ambitious and exciting and sometimes nerve racking. But in three years we've seen lots of change all enormously exciting.

So when I'm sitting and thinking and I'm pondering the actual house I will build for my family. (Well technically we will have a builder and trades but I will be the overseer.) I'm in the throws of designing a house.

My mind is full of ideas—creating my future home. What will the front door be like? How will it open onto the garden? Will we build over two levels? Will we have a parents retreat on the top floor? Natural stone bathroom? Luxurious bath (please fit into budget)!  Black/timber kitchen? Timber floorboards? Entertainer. Sandstone. My studio? What will that be like? Well that's what I'm thinking. And today sharing!

My Eco House Pinterest board is added to quite regularly. This is my style of house that I wanting to build. One lady is building a Hobbit Hole house, another an Earth Dwelling. But I want to build something light and airy and that feels solid. My dream is going to move forward a lot this year. 

Here is my pinterest board if you care to see more of my inspirations? Please click follow! 

 I am loving this house. 

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Print and Pattern Design

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I'm still obsessed with print and pattern design, it feeds into my life  daily and I'm on the look out for it as it feeds through to me via blogs and Instagram and Pinterest. I think it still comes through in my work as well.

Right now I just I want to be a bit more free in my work and mark it with paintbrush not just vectors and I want to have ink/paint all over my hands. Yes I love having my hands covered in ink.  

I'm out and about in nature a fair bit and taking what I see into my studio every day painting, drawing, layering. The days are too short. 

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Wow Grayson Perry's work is exciting. I took the family with me to enjoy the Grayson Perry exhibition at the MCA Sydney. I was dazzled by his work and his story. His huge tapestries are breathtaking, one of them is 15 meters long. It is so detailed and vibrant that it took my breath away, it made me want to run into my studio to work at creating my own tapestries. I also took away this pearl of wisdom as Perry says artist over think their work—he explains that he just has an idea and runs with it. I am so taking on that advice.

I started reminiscing of my love for tapestries. Two other works that I love that  are The Lady and the Unicorn Tapestries which I visit whenever I go to Paris. They transport me in time and take me to a happy place and probably will inspire me in my work in my future.

I also love the Bayeux Tapestry  it is remarkable in beauty also that is survived 9 centuries. It is 70 meters long. It is staggeringly beautiful. I've seen it twice. 

I had my aha moment, reconnecting with my younger self that dreamed big. That had ample energy and no family taking up enormous amounts of time. I don't think I've ever been as excited by an artist as I am by Grayson Perry. I hope I live to be 100 so I can create all the creations in my head. 

In particular this Grayson Perry tapestry gave me reason to smile, as it's a great social comment on how we live.



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