Today I am starting my e-portfolio for SCU 

Professional Experience I – Assessment 2

 Assessment 2: ePortfolio task

Due date: Friday 11 May

Time: Submitted on line by 11pm

Weighting: 40%

Length: 1500 words minimum

 NOTE: In order for you to proceed to your professional experience you will need to achieve an overall passing grade of 50% or above in the coursework component of this unit.


This assessment scaffolds you as you begin to think about compiling a Professional Teaching ePortfolio. Through this collection of evidence, you will demonstrate your learning and map your development as a teacher. Your ePortfolio throughout your professional experience units will help you to demonstrate how you have met the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers at the graduate level. This assignment is a starting point to help you to begin thinking about the sorts of documents / artefacts you will collect that will be suitable as evidence of your teaching practice. You will be expected to collect evidence of your teaching practice in relation to the APST’S throughout your career as a teacher.

For this assignment you will:-

  1. Construct (i) Personal philosophy of education (ii) Goals for professional experience and (iii) Summary of the expectations and requirements for professional experience 1 (these artefacts relate to topics 7 – 10 of this unit)
  2. You will then write a rationale (one paragraph) for each one of the artefacts explaining how each artefact aligns with specific APST’s.

Eg – Three artefacts + three separate paragraph rationales.


The format provided will support the presentation of your ePortolfio. The assignment will consist of:-

  1. Philosophy of education with one paragraph rationale
  2. Goals for professional experience with one paragraph rationale
  3. Expectations and requirements for the practicum with one paragraph rationale

 Please Note - You will present this assignment as an Eportfolio using a web based platform.

Please see details and examples in this folder on the Bb site

A marking rubric for this assessment task will be posted to the MySCU learning site for the unit.



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